Heavy Glass Perc Bong with Gold Rim

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This 11” water pipe has a gold rim for a reason: it’s the Goldilocks of bong sizes. Like the young adventuress said of her porridge temperature, this bong is neither too large nor small. It’s just right.

You’ll get the smooth-burning hits you want with the pleasing gold flourish on the top of your pipe. This really is a gold-medal bong for award winning smokers who want their sessions to hit just right! 

Our Favorite Features 

With this heavy glass bong, you’ll get lit enough to tackle any adventure: whether you’re on the couch or hiking through the woods! A few rips from this piece and you’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale!

Plus, this bong isn’t just a pretty face. It’s affordable and built with super-durable heavy glass, too!


  • 11” length
  • Joint Size: 19mm
  • Gold Color Rim
  • Heavy glass
  • Generous chamber
  • Ice Catcher

How To Use

Step 1: Pour water into the chamber and fill the bowl with ground product.  

Flick your lighter. 

Step 2: Put the flame to the product and inhale through the bowl piece. 

Suck until the chamber is full. 

Step 3: Pull the slide to clear the chamber of smoke. 

Be sure to inhale until there’s no smoke left. 

Step 4: Blow out and chill!

Now that’s just right.