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Beaker bongs aren’t just cool looking. They are, in our opinion, also some of the most practical pipes. They have a flat base that stays upright on your table even when your less-than-graceful friends have weird Cheeto fingers and pick up your piece then drop it just a few inches onto the table. Not that we just had a flashback to our beloved beaker bong or anything. 

Anyway. As we mentioned, this beaker bong is mad sturdy. The glass is durable and the flat base keeps the pipe upright. This bong will give you the exact size of rip that you want. Big, but not annoyingly bigh. 

Our Favorite Features 

The sturdiness and practical aspects of this 12” clear glass water pipe are great. So is the price and thickness of the glass. The slide is nice, too. But let’s be real: we like this bong because of that one time we hammered about twenty beaker bongs and fired up Apocalypse Now then had to cut it off because we got so ripped we thought everyone in the movie was in our group of friends and that made it really tough to watch.

It was an epic adventure. 

Anyway. We love this bong. 


  • Clear glass; hella see-through
  • Beaker shaped for coolness
  • 12” height w/ 5" base diameter
  • 10" height with 4" base diameter
  • Joint Size: 14mm female
  • Big old bowl 

How To Use

Step 1: Pack that bowl super thick with product.

We assume you’ve already filled the chamber with water. 

Step 2: Start inhaling and put the lighter to the bowl.

Come on, you know how to do this already 

Step 3: Inhale til the smoke turns orange and purple

Psych. Just making sure you’re paying attention. 

Step 4: Pull the slide, clear the smoke and exhale.

Where are the Cheetos, though?