Tall Clear Glass Bong

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This 12” clear glass bong is a straight up champion of a pipe. It’s a classic foot in length and has a business-ready bowl and stem. The chamber is plenty big and the pipe is long enough for you to brew up those fat milky rips that get you where you want to go! 

The clear glass lets you see all the smoky goodness as it steams up into your lungs. Plus, the clear glass is super durable. Whether you’re a veteran smoker or just getting your legs under you, this water pipe is a classic bong that will serve you well. 

Our Favorite Features 

If the Bonglympics were a thing, (which they really should be) we’re confident that this glass pipe would take home the gold medal in the infamous 12 Inch Dope Pipe category. 

We love the generous dimensions, straightforward design, durability and affordability of this piece. 


  • 12” length
  • Joint size: 14mm female
  • Clear glass
  • Highly durable 
  • Comes with bowl

How To Use

Step 1: Fill chamber with water and pack bowl with product.

Flick your lighter to activate the flame. 

Step 2: Raise the pipe to your mouth and inhale as you light the bowl

Inhale until the chamber is milky with smoke. 

Step 3: When ready, pull the slide to clear the chamber. 

Inhale all of that milky goodness until there’s no smoke left. 

Step 4: Exhale and feel like a champion.

Congratulations on an other dope hit.