[LAST ONE] 12” Red Glass Bong

Atomic Blaze
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Big red things are good: fire trucks, Clifford the Dog, and giant strawberries to name a few.  This 12” red glass bong also goes on that list. Only, instead of putting out fires, this big red unit will light you right up! 

With a generous chamber and a sturdy slide, this large water pipe will pump enough smoke into your dome to have you frolicking like Clifford himself (see below). Since you’re buying this big dog of a piece from Atomic Blaze, you know it’s affordable, durable, and can be easily added to any dab rigs kit

Our Favorite Features 

Our favorite feature of this bong is its red coloring. It’s a vibe. That’s the thing about red: whether it’s a truck or a water pipe, buying something red is a statement. 

We’re not exactly sure what the statement is. But take a few rips from this 12” glass bong and you’ll surely find out!


  • Big, heavy hitting chamber
  • 12” length durable glass 
  • Easy to pull stem
  • Generous bowl
  • Large chamber

How To Use

Step 1: Pour water into the chamber and load the bowl with product. 

Get your lighter handy, too. 

Step 2: Put the pipe to your mouth and your lighter to the bowl. 

Get ready! 

Step 3: Suck on the pipe as you light the bowl. 

Inhale until the chamber is milky and full of smoke! 

Step 4: Pull the slide and keep inhaling to clear the chamber!

Woof! That was a big hit!