[BOGO] 13" Large Glass Bong with Blue Rim - Heavy Tube Bong

Atomic Blaze
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Now, a nicely colored rim on a bong is like the salt on a margarita: it’s a little touch that goes a long way. Plus, this 13” glass bong with a blue rim is big enough to get your ripped a long way from reality, too! 

This classy touch adds a little dash of personality to this bong without sacrificing the strong-smoking qualities that you need from a piece. 

Our Favorite Features 

With this 13” glass bong you’ll be tripping out over monkey gifs in no time, too. The long downstem, big old chamber and sizable bowl will have you hazy in no time. Take your session to the next level by adding this to your dab smoking kit. Plus, the glass is sturdy and since you’re buying from Atomic Blaze, you know the price can’t be beat. 

Now back to the monkeys. 


  • Blue rim (can’t be stolen by monkeys)
  • 13” Height
  • Joint size: 14mm female
  • Sturdy removable downstem
  • Durable glass
  • Big chamber 

How To Use

Step 1: Fill the chamber with water and bowl with product 

Get your lucky lighter ready. 

Step 2: Raise the bong to your mouth, inhale and light the bowl.

Smoke until the chamber is milky and full.

Step 3: Pull the slide and keep inhaling.

Make sure the chamber is clear of smoke!

Step 4: Exhale and repeat!

Be sure to watch out for scheming monkeys.