3" Colorful Rasta Swirl Chillums

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Take a hit from this pipe and you’ll be feeling as swirly and rasta’d out as this pipe looks! Its spiraling glass pattern is in the red, yellow and green of the iconic rastas. The rastas are history’s favorite smokers and this rasta one hitter pipe will be your favorite smoker’s pipe in no time! 

This little blaster doesn’t just look cool, by the way. It is super portable and its no-frills chillum construction keeps it durable and break-resistant. The more stems and chambers you put in a piece, the higher its chances of breakage are. That is not a problem with this hardworking glass pipe! It’ll take you as far up as you want to go! 

Our Favorite Features 

Aside from this 3” glass pipe’s affordable price and unparalleled swirly style, we love how practical and portable this rasta pipe is. You can take it anywhere without fear of incurring a big loss. Whether you’re listening to some irie tunes in the park or going for an afternoon hike, this small straight glass pipe will get you lit on the go. 

Or, if you’re staying in and noodling to some tasty tunes, you can load this little piece up over and over. You’ll be on cloud nine in no time! 


  • Swirling glass pattern
  • 3” length
  • Rasta (red, yellow, green) color scheme
  • Very portable
  • Chillum

How To Use

Step 1: Load the bowl with ground product

The bowl is the large, conical opening. The mouthpiece is the smaller opening.

Step 2: Raise the pipe to your mouth

Don’t spill any of that tasty product!

Step 3: Fire up the bowl and inhale

Keep ripping!

Step 4: Lower to pipe and exhale

Now turn up the music!


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    Rasta swirl chilums

    Posted by Janet Weltz on Aug 19th 2022

    I love it. Its the perfect size. The design is super cute.