Glow in the Dark Glass Hand Pipes

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This 3” glass pipe has the best kind of ghostly vibes. Obviously, this pipe glows in the dark. Second, it’s small enough that it can disappear in an instant if you need it to. Third, it’s the perfect size for you to take a rip and then ghost the hit!

But unlike your rude ex, this bowl wont ghost you. It’ll be a faithful smoke-companion for as long as you keep feeding it that good product! So let’s smoke up and smoke on with this epic glow in the dark glass hand pipe!

Our Favorite Features 

Who doesn't love a smooth-smoking glow in the dark little ripper that’s 3” of sturdy glass and discreet enough to smoke on the go?

This 3” glow in the dark pipe we have for sale is sturdy, cheap and looks super cool. Just charge up under some lights, turn those lights off and glow up!


  • Glow in the dark
  • Durable glass
  • 3” length

How To Use

Step 1: Put your bowl beneath a bright light for a while.

This charges up its glow in the dark glass. 

Step 2: Pack the bowl and turn the lights off.

Woah! Watch that little thing glow!

Step 3: Put your lighter to the bowl and inhale.

Keep your finger on the carb!

Step 4: Take your finger off the carb to clear the chamber.

Be sure to keep inhaling.