3" Speckled Glass Pipe

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This 3” speckled glass pipe is perfect for your springtime smoking pleasure. The weather’s getting warmer which means that it’s time to say hi to nature again. This durable glass hand pipe is perfect for afternoon strolls in the park. 

Think of this speckled pipe like a speckled egg, about to hatch epic springtime smoke sessions for you and your crew. 

Do we actually know what a speckled egg is? 

No way! Zero idea. 

Our Favorite Features 

We know why we love this cool glass handpipe. Its speckled pattern makes this a very unique piece for smokers who like to express themselves. It’s a distinctive look and has a party-ready vibe for shared smoke sessions on the go. 

Plus, this affordable glass pipe has a deep bowl and easy to use carb. This pipe is a daily smoker’s dream!


  • Speckled glass
  • 3” length
  • Deep bowl
  • Easy to use carb

How To Use

Step 1: Pack the bowl with ground product.

Ready your lighter and raise the pipe to your lips.

Step 2: Inhale as you light the product.

Continue until the bowl “cherries.”

Step 3: Remove your finger from the carb.

This clears the chamber of smoke. 

Step 4: Exhale and repeat.

Enjoy your smoke session.