3" Triple Blown Pipe with Knobs

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This heavy glass pipe is the bomb! It’s whirling, swirling patterns will have you hypnotized after just one hit. This classically trippy pattern will send you into a vortex of smoke and good times! Plus, if you’re a little spun, this triple blown glass pipe still has your back: it’s solid, sturdy and has perfectly placed glass knobs for grip. 

This smoke pipe is the kind of pipe you take home to--well, maybe not mom--but your roommates! They’ll be stoked and hating on your new glass piece. #StopTheHate

This unique triple blown glass pipe is perfect for everyday smoking. It’s a nice medium size glass pipe, so you won’t burn up all your product before the weekend! 

Our Favorite Features 

Aside from the epic swirling pattern that defines this glass piece, we love its durable triple-blown construction and perfect discreet size. The best thing is, this glass pipe isn’t too big and it isn’t too small, but it sure packs the right sized punch!

The glass knobs are one of our main favorite features on this pipe. Not only are they great for your grip, but they add an even funkier and more creative feel to this already-wild pipe! If you are like us, you won’t want to put this glass smoke pipe down after your session!


  • Trippy swirling pattern
  • Affordable Glass Pipe
  • Knobbed Glass for stability and looks
  • 3” length
  • Sturdy and durable

How To Use

Step 1: Load up this swirly glass pipe with some fine product

Don’t pack it too tight or you’ll be out of luck. 

Step 2: Hit the glass bowl! 

Put your finger over the carb, light the product and inhale

Step 3: Keep your finger over the carb

Wait until the product cherries!

Step 4: Take your finger off the carb and inhale

Clear the smoke from the chamber and chill!