4" Colorful Fumed Glass Pipes

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Have you ever smoked out of...smoke? Well, with the 4” colorful fumed glass pipe we have for sale, now you can. This glass hand pipe isn’t just made for smoking...it’s made with smoke! “Fumed” means that the glass in the pipe has been treated with smoke for a trippy effect. At the end of a big smoke session with this piece, you won’t know where your pipe ends and the smoke starts!

Plus, since you’re buying from Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop, you know two things: that this fumed pipe won’t set fire to your wallet, and that it’s a durable, well-made piece for everyday smoking. 

Our Favorite Features 

Of course, this 4” glass pipe doesn’t just elevate your smoke session with it’s style...this thing hits like a champion! You’ll have more smoke in you than the pipe has in its glass after a single hit! We particularly like the generous mouth-piece on this pipe because it lets you draw in big, smooth pulls <inhale the good shiz, exhale the BS>. 

The bowl is no joke either: it’s broad and deep enough for you to load this smoky little bandit up with plenty of your favorite product. The shape of the bowl feels perfect in your palm, and the carb is ideally positioned for you to keep covered with a thumb. 


  • Smoky glass
  • 4” length
  • Smooth hits
  • Sturdy construction
  • Deep bowl
  • Large mouthpiece 
  • Random selection

How To Use

Step 1: Fill the fumed pipe with product

Place your thumb over the carb

Step 2: Put the pipe to your mouth and light the bowl

Draw until it cherries, or stays lit without the lighter!

Step 3: Take your finger off the carb

Inhale to clear the smoke from the pipe’s chamber.

Step 4: Exhale that goodness!