Colorful Confetti Pipes

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Confetti is dope but it’s the best on sweets and this sweet glass hand pipe! The colorful tops are just icing on this cake! At 4” in size, this pipe is an everyday party for your porch, couch or yard! 

The confetti dots are cool to look at and give this glass pipe a unique vibe. You’ll be turning this little ripper over in your hands after you smoke, admiring the trippy patterns! Your friends will be jealous of this sweet, durable glass hand pipe. 

Our Favorite Features 

We all know Funfetti is fun, but is confetti a con? It doesn’t seem like it. It just seems cool! 

Like this cool glass bowl we have for sale! You can afford this 4” glass piece is built durably from sturdy glass. It can take the little knocks and drops of daily use. 

We love the confetti pattern, deep bowl and easy to use carb. Grip and rip this thing and it’ll be a party in no time!


  • 4” length
  • Confetti glass
  • Generous bowl
  • Carb 

How To Use

Step 1: Pack the bowl with product.

Cover the carb with a finger.

Step 2: Put the pipe to your mouth.

Get your lighter ready. 

Step 3: Light the bowl and inhale.

Keep your finger on the carb until the bowl cherries.

Step 4: Release the carb and inhale.

Repeat until you’re lifted!