4" Clear Glass Pipes with Flower Design

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This glass pipe is basically a smokey flower. Does this sound like something you’d like? The glass is “fumed,” or treated with special smoke to add a ghostly effect. It almost looks like the flower design on the front catches fire. That means, once you have this bowl loaded up, you’ll basically be squaring your smoke session like this is math class! Flower out of smoking flowers? Sign us up!

This is also just a cute glass pipe. It’s 4” length makes it perfect for a purse or pocket. Plus, it’s durable enough to transport and unique enough to be the envy of your friends. Take a few hits and you’ll be blooming yourself! 

Our Favorite Features 

We’re very partial to flowers of all kinds, so this fumed glass pipe is straight up our alley. Not only that, but we’re huge fans of smoke too, so we love this glass handpipe’s funky fumed glass. You can think of this pipe as girly, or as a pipe for hippies, or just a pipe for nature lovers! 

Plus, at 4” in length, this pipe is big enough to get you smoked out to your satisfaction, but discreet, small and durable enough to transport anywhere you want to go. Plus, since it’s from the best online smokeshop, you can’t beat the price on this unique pipe!


  • Flower design
  • 4” in length
  • Trippy fumed glass
  • Generous bowl
  • Sturdy construction
  • Random selection

How To Use

Step 1: Pack your flower pipe up!

Get your lighter ready!

Step 2: Raise the glass bowl to your mouth and light the product!

Keep your finger over the carb and inhale

Step 3: Release the carb

Inhale to clear all the smoke from the pipe

Step 4: Sit back and enjoy!