4" Heavy Dichroic Glass Pipes

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You’ll double the fun with these heavyweight two-tone heavy glass hand pipes. These glass smoke pipes are made from dichroic glass...aka glass blown with TWO different color layers for maximum trippiness. That double layer makes these glass bowls double-extra-break-resistant. 

At 4 inches in length, these glass smoking pipes are an ideal size for your every-night smoking device. Their deep glass bowls, easy-to-access carbs and generously sized chambers will keep you smoking strong seven days of the week. Plus, your smoke buddies will never quite know what color these pipes are...especially if they’ve been ripping the glass bowl hard! 

Our Favorite Features 

Dichroic glass will get in your DNA...seriously! Think back to the double-helixes you saw in science class, remember how trippy they looked and boom; now we have a glass pipe for sale that reflects that exact pattern. These heavy 4” glass pipes are guaranteed to keep you ripped, and give you something cool to play with after you smoke! 

The best thing about a straight-up glass handpipe is the way it lets you taste the product you’re smoking. There’s no water filtering it out, no papers burning along with anything...just glass, smoke and you. With the deep glass bowls these dichroic pipes come with, you’ll be able to get as lifted as you want, as much as you want, with the taste you want. 


  • Dichroic glass
  • Double-helix pattern
  • 4”- 5" length
  • Great for everyday smoking
  • Easily accessed carb

How To Use

Step 1: Fill the bowl up with some product

Get your lighter ready!

Step 2: Put the glass bowl to your mouth and light up!

With a finger over the carb, draw until it cherries.

Step 3: Release the carb.

Inhale hard to clear the chamber of smoke!

Step 4: Exhale and enjoy the night!