Heavy Zig Zag Glass Pipes

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You remember swirlies from movies about high school? Well, a hit from this swirl design glass pipe is like giving your head a swirly of awesome smoke! You’ll be lifting off and blasting into space no matter where you are! No launchpad required. 

This swirling zig zag design is classically trippy. A cool design on a glass handpipe is essential. Any smoker wants a dope pipe that’s unique and distinctive. This unique piece will have your homies’ heads spinning with envy as you all take off! 

Our Favorite Features 

Sweet swirling onion rings! Or that’s what the oddball-turned-astronaut said in Rocketman, a hilarious and overlooked film. Like Rocketman, you’ll be swirling straight into space with this little ripper. 

Plus, since you’re buying from Atomic Blaze you know this glass pipe is cheap and sturdy. The glass won’t break whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of home!


  • 4” length
  • Swirl design
  • Easy to use carb
  • Big bowl

How To Use

Step 1: Load the bowl with ground up product.

Place a finger over the carb.

Step 2: Raise the pipe to your lips.

Flick your lighter.

Step 3: Ignite the bowl and inhale.

Breathe inward until the product cherries.

Step 4: Release the carb.

Keep inhaling to clear the chamber.