Heavy Rasta Marble Hand Pipes

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Looking for a durable glass pipe with a huge bowl packing capacity? Check out this Rasta colored hand pipe with a triple blown marbled design.

At four inches long, it weighs more than it appears to! This sturdy glass smoke pipe will last for years. Throw it in your backpack and take it with you camping or anywhere smoking is required. 

Our Favorite Features

Everyone will love this cool glass pipe inspired by the chill island vibes of Rastafarians. The thick glass makes it a great choice for packing with you on trips or taking it to the next group smoke session. Pass this puffer around and have no worries about it cracking in the hands of your clumsy friend. 


  • 4” long
  • Compact design for easy transport
  • Discreet and quick shipping
  • Triple blown marbled glass

How to Use 

Step One: Get your supplies ready

Grab your Blink lighter, grinder, rolling tray, your favorite veggies, and your new glass pipe.

Step Two: Grab your product

Grind up your product over the tray and put the desired amount into the bowl.

Step Three: Ignite your lighter

Touch the flame to the packed bowl. Cover the carb and inhale through the mouthpiece to draw in the smoke. 

Step Four: Remove finger from carb

Remove your thumb from the carb to clear the smoke from the bowl and inhale the last bit of glorious smoke. Hold it for a moment, then exhale and enjoy the effects. 

Step Five: Keep Your Glass Pipe Clean

To make sure your new Rasta Marble Pipe hits like a champ each and every time, clean it frequently. A solution of rubbing alcohol and salt should do the trick.