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You’ll be seeing the pink elephants in no time with the 5” Elephant pipe we have for sale. This little guy is a classic: you pack up the bowl on the backside, place your finger over, carb hole...and smoke out of his trunk! Besides, a glass elephant pipe looks dope on any shelf!

This is a bowl with a sense of humor...and who doesn’t like a good case of the giggles? Besides, this unique glass pipe is made of sturdy glass and features a deep bowl and absolutely rips! This little elephant packs a big punch.

Our Favorite Features 

Aside from the trunk, the “cheeky” carb and the look on people’s faces when you pass this pipe to them, we’re huge fans of the way this little elephant hits. Big, steamy rips that’ll have you in the zone in no time. 

Plus, we love that it stands up solidly with a wide base. It’s stable and doesn’t tip over to spill ash and product on your tables the way a round bowl will. Pretty much, you’ll love this bowl so much you’ll start watching nature documentaries about elephants after you smoke it. 

Or maybe that was just us. 


  • Shaped like an elephant
  • Durable construction
  • Guaranteed laughs
  • Deep bowl 

How To Use

Step 1: Pack the bowl on the underside of the elephant’s head.

Don’t tamp the product down too tightly!

Step 2: Raise the glass trunk to your mouth

Place your finger over the carb on the elephant’s rear-end.

Step 3: Light the product

Inhale through the elephant trunk! It’s like he’s shotgunning you a hit!

Step 4: Remove your finger from the carb

Clear the elephant’s headbelly of smoke. 

Step 5: Sit back feeling like the king of the jungle


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    I love it!

    Posted by Dina Martin on May 13th 2021

    This elephant is much larger than I assumed and he is really cute. I bought it because the bowl is underneath and it doesn't look like a pipe. The speckled glass helps to keep the pipe part on the downlow. He hits really well and I like him a whole lot more than I thought I would. I might have to get the turtle too!