4" Heavy Hand Pipe with Knobs

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This 4” heavy hand pipe with knobs is an absolute smokestack! This heavy duty pipe will give you industrial-grade rips! From its cool glass knobs, to its cavernous chamber, this pipe is like a conveyor belt that transfers the good times directly to your lungs!

This glass pipe is as hefty as it is durable; the sturdy glass and large size will prevent the piece from breaking or chipping. The knobby glass knobs will keep your grip sturdy on this piece of smoker’s equipment. Plus, there’s no need to call the supervisor when this smoke-factory starts to catch fire!

Our Favorite Features 

This 4” glass pipe is perfect for party sessions, even if one of your buddies takes too big a rip and bangs your pipe on the counter, or worse, drops it. We dropped it and the sturdy glass held up and the piece is still together. No guarantees it will withstand a drop, but it’s a solid, heavy glass pipe that means business. This big glass pipe is also super portable; Smaller smoke pipes will break in your backpack--but not this piece! 

Did we mention how absolutely ripped this heavy glass pipe will get you? The chamber is a beast and the giant carb lets enough air in to smoothly whoosh the smoke into your face. So, if you’ve had a hard week at work, load this heavy glass pipe up with some goodness and kick back with your crew!


  • Super sturdy
  • 4 - 5” length
  • MASSIVE rips
  • Big carb
  • Interesting design - chosen at random
  • Knobs for grip 

How To Use

Step 1: Load up the pipe with ground product

Get your lighter ready!

Step 2: Raise the pipe to your mouth 

Keep your finger on the carb!

Step 3: Light the product and inhale

Keep your finger on the carb!

Step 4: Release your finger from the carb

Inhale all the smoke to clear the bowl

Step 5: Hold in the smoke, pass the pipe and chill!