5" Heavy Rasta Glass Pipes

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Everyone knows that rastas are the most elite smokers of all time! So whether you’re a true Rastafarian or just a reggae fan, this 5” heavy rasta glass pipe will have you full of peace and love in no time. Or should we say “piece” and love?!

This 5 inch glass rasta pipe is a heavy-duty smoking piece. Made from super-thick glass, it won’t break when you ash the bowl or even drop the pipe after you take too big of a rip! Plus, since this is a rasta pipe, you know the bowl is practically as big as a flowerpot! 

Our Favorite Features 

Our favorite thing about this pipe is its rasta-themed color scheme. The famous red, yellow and green colors will have you smoking like Bob Marley in no time. At 5 inches in length, the large chamber can absolutely pump smoke into your lungs. 

This pipe is perfect for everyday or party-time use and your smoking buddies are guaranteed to love the color scheme. So throw on some reggae, take a few hits from this rasta colored glass handpipe and no matter where you are, you’ll feel the love!


  • Rasta-colored glass pipe
  • Super deep glass bowl
  • 5” length
  • Big chamber
  • Sturdy glass

How To Use

Step 1: Pack the glass bowl with some ground product

Get that lighter ready!

Step 2: Place a finger over the carb and raise the smoke pipe to your mouth

Be sure not to spill any of that good product!

Step 3: Light the product and inhale!

Draw the smoke into your lungs with a finger on the carb.

Step 4: Take your finger off the carb and keep inhaling

That will send all that good smoke from the smoke pipe chamber into your lungs.

Step 4: Exhale the smoke

Turn up the music!