5" Dichroic Striped Glass Hand Pipes

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You’ll earn your smoker’s stripes in no time with one of these 5” striped glass pipes! These pieces are big enough to get you super lit, but not so big you can’t leave the house with it. Not to mention the fact that their funky striped pattern will make this pipe the envy of your smoking buddies. 

This is a 5 inch glass pipe for real smokers. The striped glass obscures your view of the chamber so you don’t see the resin in between cleanings. Plus, it’s a psychedelic pleasure to look at after a few hits. The multicolored stripes will have you feeling trippy in no time. 

Our Favorite Features 

This is America. If you live here, then you know we all love the stars and stripes. That’s why this striped glass pipe we have for sale will get you seeing stars in no time! Not only does the glass have a cool-looking pattern, but it’s super durable and won’t chip when you’re trying to ash your bowl. 

These pipes also feature super-deep glass bowls. At 5 inches in length, this hand pipe will fill up with enough smoke to have you feeling just right after a hard day at work. These pipes are easy-smoking pieces and are perfect for everyday smoking. 


  • Striped pattern
  • Sturdy glass 
  • 5” length
  • Big chamber
  • Generous bowl 

How To Use

Step 1: Load the glass pipe with the product of your choice

Don’t constrict the airflow by packing it too tightly. 

Step 2: Put a finger on the carb and get your lighter ready

Raise the handpipe to your mouth. 

Step 3: Light the 5” glass bowl and inhale

Draw until the product cherries. 

Step 4: Remove your finger from the carb and keep inhaling

This clears the chamber of smoke and gets you lit!

Step 4: Blow the smoke out

Sit back and relax!


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