4" Glass Turtle Hand Pipe

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Did you know ancient cultures thought that the whole universe existed on the back of a turtle? Well, take a few hits from this 4” glass turtle pipe and you’ll feel like you can see into outer space! Whether you're a Deadhead, a Sturgill fan or just a nature lover...the glass turtle pipe is an animal beloved by smokers everywhere. 

This cute glass animal pipe doesn’t just bring vibes from the Animal Kingdom rips! Place a finger over the turtles side to close the carb and shotgun your smoke out of this turtle's tail! You’ll get a whole shell of a lot of smoke!

Our Favorite Features 

As you know, we at Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop are keen lovers of obviously, we love that our reptilian, shelled friends have a glass animal pipe of their own! Plus, sometimes after a good smoke sesh, if you think about it, we kind of resemble turtles... 

Do we leave our shells and go out, or do we stay in our shell and hang out inside? 

Mind = Blown. Back to the turtle pipe. 

This 4” glass pipe is super sturdy and will pump a high volume of good smoke into your mouth. All you do is pack the turtles undershell, close up the carb, light your product, put your mouth to the turtle’s tail and inhale! Too bad turtles don’t turn into princes (or princesses) when you kiss them....that’s only frogs.* 

*atomicblaze online smokeshop does not condone the kissing, licking, or touching of frogs, turtles or anything that lives and breathes our air without their explicit permission.  


  • Durable glass
  • Turtle shape
  • 4” length
  • Nature lovers love this one
  • It’s a shell of a pipe

How To Use

Step 1: Pack the glass turtle pipe with your favorite product.

Find your lighter!

Step 2: Raise the turtle’s tail to your mouth and light up!

Keep a finger over the carb on the glass turtle’s side.

Step 3: Inhale until the product cherries.

Release the carb and keep inhaling!

Step 4: Clear the glass turtle pipe shell of smoke.

Then kick back and chill out!