5" Glow in the Dark Hand Pipes

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What’s the best thing about this glow in the dark pipe? That when you’re done smoking, you’ll be glowing even brighter than your piece! Made with specially treated glass, all you have to do is leave this pipe in the light to “charge” up its glow in the dark special blown glass. Then turn the lights off and watch this cool glass pipe come to life!

Plus, at 5” in length, this glow pipe will give you those tasty big hits you’re looking for. The glass glow pipe, although treated specially, is super durable. The glow pipe fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, features a deep bowl and has a well-positioned carb. 

Our Favorite Features 

Sure, the glow in the dark aspect of this pipe makes for a cool party trick. Everyone will want to smoke out of this piece, so be careful when passing it around! Our favorite thing about glass pipes that glow though, is that you can actually smoke them in the dark!

Think about those times you’re watching TV with the lights off and can’t see where your bowl is. You don’t want to reach for it and accidentally knock it over and spill your product. That is not a problem with this piece! 

Tip: Grab your cell phone camera, shine it down on the glow pipe and get lit!

Day or night, you’ll be able to see this pipe!


  • Glow In the Dark Glass
  • UV Reactive Glass
  • 5” length
  • Deep glass bowl
  • Durable construction
  • Nice hand-feel

How To Use

Step 1: Leave the glow pipe in the light

This charges up its special effects!

Step 2: Pack the glass glow pipe and get your lighter ready

Raise the glow in the dark pipe to your mouth.

Step 3: Turn the lights off!

Watch this smoke pipe start glowing!

Step 4: Now, light the glow bowl and inhale

Draw until the product cherries.

Step 4: Release your finger from the carb

Keep inhaling til the chamber is clear!