6" Fumed Glass Bubblers

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You won’t be fuming about anything after taking a few smooth rips from this 6” bubbler! Constructed from fumed glass for a cool effect, this bubbler will have you feeling the chill after a hard day at work...or an easy day on the couch! 

The fumed glass is especially treated to look “smoky.” So treat yourself to some and smoke out of this 6” glass water pipe! It features a generous chamber, an easy-to-access carb and a shape crafted to maximize your grip on the piece and keep you ripping!

Our Favorite Features 

As you know, we at Atomic Blaze have a special place in our heart for water pipes. By filtering the smoke from your product, water-pipes offer a healthier smoking alternative to straight glass pipes. That being said, you’re not vaping or nibbling on anything to get to where you want to’re smoking that good old fashioned product!

This bubbler’s deep bowl and cool fumed glass design will keep you smoking strong and smooth, day or night!


  • Fumed glass
  • Well-placed carb
  • 6” 
  • Water-filtered
  • Sturdy construction

How To Use

Step 1: Pour water into the chamber

Let a small stream of water trickle down the mouthpiece.

Step 2: When the water chamber is full, pack the bowl with product

Place a finger over the carb and raise the pipe to your mouth.

Step 3: Light the bowl and inhale!

Listen to that good bubbling sound!

Step 4: Remove your finger from the carb and inhale!

That will clear all of the clean smoke from the chamber!

Step 5: Take a breath then keep bubbling!



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    Posted by Jeff sandnas on Feb 15th 2021

    Works great awesome price. Wife loves it.