6" Snail shell Smoking Pipe

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You’ll be moving like a snail in no time after you take a few hits off this unique glass pipe! At 6” in size, this snail-shaped glass piece is perfect for taking those big rips you need. You can slide into good times, anytime, with this little critter!

This glass pipe doesn’t look like any snail you’ve ever seen. It’s multicolored shell and cute features make this creature look like something you’d see watching Alice In Wonderland.  Blaze with this pipe and you’ll be down the rabbit hole, too!

Our Favorite Features 

True, it would be a little weird if you found a 6” snail on your back porch. But this hefty glass pipe is the perfect size to get you feeling that good kind of weird with just a few hits! The snail shell offers a generously-sized chamber for smoke to collect in. The glass bowl on the snail’s body is deep enough for you to pack in plenty of your favorite product. 

Since all glass pipes for smoking are from Atomic Blaze, you can be sure of two things:

  1. This piece is made from durable, high quality glass. 
  2. This snail won’t crawl off with all your money. This is a glass pipe that you can afford!


  • Snail Shell Shape Glass Pipe
  • 6” length
  • Deep glass bowl 
  • Eye catching design
  • Large chamber 
  • Durable 

How To Use

Step 1: Load the glass bowl with your product of choice

Get your lighter ready!

Step 2: Put a finger over the carb and raise the pipe to your mouth

Don’t worry, this snail ain’t slimy! 

Step 3: Light the product and inhale

Keep your finger over the carb until the product cherries .

Step 4: Release the carb but keep inhaling

Clear the snail’s chamber of smoke!

Step 4: Release the carb but keep inhaling

Exhale and lift-off!