7" Clear Glass Bong with Handle

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A good smoke session can really give you a handle on things. Good thing this glass bong has a handle on it so you can keep gripping, ripping and lifting off! There’s nothing worse than a bong slipping out of your hand. Plus, there aren’t many great ways to carry a full-sized water pipe. 

This bong solves both of those problems. At a generous yet compact size, this waterpipe is the perfect piece for those times you need to get ripped on the go! You can carry it and rest easy knowing that you’ve got a grip on things. 

Our Favorite Features 

Aside from the dope handle on this glass water pipe for smoking, we love its durability and portable size. 7” is, in our opinion, the perfect medium-sized ripper. You can always pack it back up if you didn’t get enough, but you won’t hurt your wallet by burning through all your product at once!

Speaking of wallets, since you’re buying this glass bong from Atomic Blaze, you know that it is cheap but sturdy. The glass is durable and the handle keeps this pipe firmly in your paws!


  • Handle
  • 7” length
  • Generous water chamber
  • Durable glass

How To Use

Step 1: Load the bowl with your favorite ground product.

Grasp the bong by its handle and raise it to your mouth. 

Step 2: Inhale through the pipe while lighting the product.

Draw until the chamber is milky with smoke. 

Step 3: Remove the slide and inhale the smoke. 

Suck until the glass pipe is cleared of smoke.