9" Glass Bong with Percolator

Atomic Blaze
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9” Green Bong With Percolator

This green glass bong is an absolute dragon of a bong. Light it up, take a hit and you’ll be steaming out plumes of smoke in no time! We’re not saying that this bong is the subject of the song “Puff the Magic Dragon,” but we’re not saying it isn’t either! 

You’ll be taking monstrous rips that’ll have the world feeling magical in no time. Plus, since you’re buying this piece from Atomic Blaze, you know it won’t set you back more than a few coins. The glass is durable, the chamber is big and the hits are smooth!

Our Favorite Features 

Aside from the epic smoke sessions and cool green trim glass, we love the percolator in this water wipe. There’s nothing like the double-bubbling effect of a quality percolator in a water pipe. It adds a second layer of water filtration so you can get the prehistorically huge rips you want!

Plus, that extra layer of filtration removes more of the potentially harmful tars from the smoke of your favorite product for a cleaner, healthier smoke session! 


  • Sturdy glass
  • Large chamber 
  • Generous bowl
  • Percolator 
  • 9” Length
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female

How To Use

Step 1: Load the bowl with ground product. 

Put the pipe to your mouth!

Step 2: Flick your lighter, put it to the product and inhale!

Keep ripping until the chamber is full!

Step 3: Pull the slide as you continue sucking in.

Continue until the chamber is fully cleared.

Step 4: Blow the smoke out and kick back!


Want to add this to you dab rig kit? Add a male bangar and edge torch gun!