9" Green Glass Bong with Percolator

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Burble, bubble, boom. You’ll be feeling as green as this waterpipe after a single hit! There’s nothing like a giant rip of water-filtered smoke to clear your head after a day at work. Plus, this ripping glass bong is the perfect size for Monday to Sunday. It’s small enough for a thick personal pack and big enough to share during a happy hour session after work with the homies!

Since you’re shopping at Atomic Blaze you know that this is a durable piece of glass at a rock-solid price. Treat your lungs to that smooth blast of good smoke you can only get from a clean-hitting bong like this 9” waterpipe! 

Our Favorite Features 

We have a special place in our hearts for bongs. We understand why it is that--from Cheech n’ Chong to Goldmember (“bong and a blintz?”)--our favorite movie screen smokers favor the classic qualities of a good waterpipe. You can take the most massive rips of smoke to the skull due to the glass pipe’s water-filtering chamber. You can also rest easy knowing that a water pipe like this one filters out some of the tar and toxins from burning product. 

Plus, there’s nothing like that burbling sound to remind you that the good times are about to roll!


  • Green & Yellow glass
  • 9“ length
  • Joint Size: 14mm female
  • Durable slide
  • Easy to clean
  • Generous water chamber

How To Use

Step 1: Pack the bowl with ground product

Load up the glass bowl, but don’t pack too tightly. 

Step 2: Raise the pipe to your mouth

Get your lighter ready!

Step 3: Put a lighter to the product and inhale!

Listen to those smoky bubbles!


Add a male quartz bangar and Blink Rogue Torch to create your own dab kit!