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Are you ready to get steamrolled? This 9” glass steam roller pipe will flatten you into the couch in the best way possible! When it comes to getting GIANT rips out of a glass hand pipe, you cannot beat the steamroller. But be warned, this hard-hitting piece isn’t for amateur smokers!

But since you’re shopping at Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop online, we know you’re no noob. At 9” in length, this steamroller pipe is a monster and a party favorite. If you’re ready to get steamed, you’re in the right place. 

Our Favorite Features 

This 9 inch glass pipe we have for sale is the classic ‘steamroller’ style. It features a bowl on the top of a hollow glass tube. At one end of the tube is the mouthpiece, at the other end is the carb. That way, you get hits about three times the volume of smoke you would get from a regular bowl pipe. 

The monster rips this steamroller hands out is 100% our favorite feature of this pipe. Plus, this piece features a super generous bowl so you can pack plenty of product in to fuel all that smoke. You’ll be lit sideways by the time you ash this one! Guaranteed! 


  • Steamroller pipe
  • Sturdy glass 
  • 9 inches in length
  • Carb on one end, mouthpiece on the other 

How To Use

Step 1: Load the steam roller pipe bowl with ground product

You might want to sit down for this one!

Step 2: Place a finger over the carb at one end of the pipe

The carb is the smaller hole at the “bowl” end of the pipe.

Step 3: Raise the pipe to your mouth and fire it up!

Keep your finger over the carb until the whole steamroller pipe is full.

Step 4: Remove your finger from the carb and keep inhaling

That’s a big one! Suck all of that smoke down into your lungs.

Step 4: Exhale and sit back

You’ve been steamrolled!


  • 5

    Posted by Marsha Angell on Dec 28th 2021

    This is my everyday, go to pipe. I love it so much that when I broke it I immediately ordered another one! Note: I broke the pipe thru neglect not due to quality.

  • 5
    9” Steam Roller

    Posted by Marsha Angell on Dec 27th 2020

    A beautiful, quality piece that will get you messed up!! It arrived quickly and was packaged so securely even USPS didn’t damage it! I’ve purchased several pieces from Atomic Blaze and have been more pleased each time. I highly recommend them!