9" Unique Clear Glass Bong

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You could call this unique bong a “master piece.” Why? Because it’s a piece for master smokers. Plus, if you take a few fat rips, you’ll be doodling like Dali in no time. You’ll be pumping out masterpieces of your own. 

The clear glass lets you see the size of the rip you’re taking so you don’t lift off too far before breaking out the paintbrush. Yet at 9” in length, you can go as far up as you want! Plus, the water chamber will cool and filter your water so your smoke is as clean and smooth as possible! 

Our Favorite Features 

Rest assured, smoking from this bong might turn you into an artist but we 100% guarantee that it won’t turn you into a dolphin. If it does, let us know. 

We’re confident that this glass water pipe will stimulate your creativity and get you into the flow state for whatever project you’re working on. We love the artistic vibes and the sturdy construction. But mostly, we love smoking a masterpiece!

You might feel like a dolphin, but you’re not a dolphin. Just an artist. 


It goes without saying, there won’t be any fish stuck in this bong’s percolator. And with proper maintenance, you won’t have any rogue ash or tar in there either! This is an easy cleaning bong that does the job every time!

This 9” glass bong is the perfect size, too. It’s got that Goldilocks vibe: not too big, not too small. It fits just right. And hits just right, too!


  • Artistic vibes
  • Generous bowl
  • 9” length 
  • 14mm female joint
  • Big chamber
  • Easy to clean

Make this a dab smoking kit by adding a quartz bangar, torch lighter, and dab tool.

How To Use:

Step 1: Pack the bowl with product. 

Not too tightly though!

Step 2: Put your lighter to the bowl and rip away.

Inhale until the chamber is full. 

Step 3: Keep inhaling as you pull the slide. 

This will clear the chamber of smoke. 

Step 4: Exhale and chill!

Put down the master piece and get to work on your masterpiece!


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    Solid piece for an insane price

    Posted by Gaige on May 21st 2023

    This small piece packs a punch and easy to clean and travel around with. I love it and got a super fucking good deal on it