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A Stoner Gift Bundle for Her 

Got a girl who smokes weed in your life or maybe you are the girl that smokes weed in your life, or maybe you are so comfortable with your masculine energy, that you can proudly rock pink, purple, or indigo blue.

Just think for second though...

Have you ever bought something for a stoner girl? If so, then you know a smoking gift supporting the stoner culture and lifestyle is always very well received.

If you never bought a gift for a girl who smokes before, I wrote a poem for you and hopefully it will put things in perspective.

Smitten by Smoking Sweet Sativas

Some girls prefer romance, and some want fancy bags.

The girls who smoke ganja, are the best type to have. 

Pamper yours with a gift, that will ignite a flame.

Then watch her blow smoke, as she utters your name.

She tells you she loves it, and it truly does show.

Letting the flower speak truth, allowing your love to grow.

- Brian

Basically, the moral of the poem is that couples that smoke together, stay together because the herb connects us on such a spiritual level, that our unconscious minds are able to see love more clearly.

For real though.

What's in the Girly Glass Bong Bundle?

In this stoner gift bundle, there is a colorful glass bong, classic spoon pipe or glass bowl, grinder, lighter, and some hard bristle pipe cleaners.

It's safe to say that this is the perfect gift for a smoker under $50 if you are trying to stay on a budget.

Plus it comes in a box already, so you don't have to wrap it. Less work? Sign me up.

5" Small Bong in Pink, Purple or Blue

This is the most popular bong in our online smoke shop because of it's small discreet size, portability, and it's easy to maintain and clean.

This is really nice minibong that delivers fantasticly massive filtered hits for it's small stature.

Pink Glass Bowl or Purple Glass Pipe

Whether they call it a spoon pipe or a glass pipe or a glass bowl, there's a girly pipe in this bundle. Depending on our glass blowers creativity, it could range from a 3" glass pipe to a 5" girly pipe.

Small Acrylic Grinder

All smokers know that if you grind up the flower, you get a more even burn in your bowl packs. Even if they already have a herb grinder, this is a perfect cheap grinder for travel or backup.

A Pink, Purple or Red Lighter

Give her a lighter that she'll love instead of making her use one of your butane torches to light her bong. 

Pipe Cleaners

Some stoner girls will clean their smoking accessories and these hard bristle pipe cleaners are perfect.

Other stoner girls will take these pipe cleaners and twist them together to make art or a custom poker.

In either scenario, it's a win.

Specifications of the items in this Girly Glass Bong Bundle:

(1) 5 Inch Minibong in Purple, Pink, or Blue Indigo

(1) 3 inch to 5 inch Pink or Purple Girly Glass Pipe.

(1) Small Acrylic Grinder

(1) Pack of Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaners

(1) 1 Coloful Lighter

*Sorry, the Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystals are not included in any of these girly bong bundles, but they are really do make awesome unique gifts for girls. You can buy them on Amazon if you like the idea:

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Purple Amethyst Crystal