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The Powerhitter
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Who wants a Shotgun?!

Ever have one of those random thoughts and wondered if you could some how, some way give yourself a shotgun? Sound the alarm! There is a head shop product that exists and it does exacty this.

Keep reading below and see why you need to buy a Power Hitter!

Contactless delivery of smoke makes this perfect for puffing in the pandemic because you never have to put your mouth on the PowerHitter to take huge tokes!

Simple and creative technology creates a vacuum that keeps your bone lit inside a silicone chamber, so you never have to worry about getting ash or burn marks on your bed or upholstery. 

If you have not gotten a chance to try a Powerhitter, get one immediately! This amazing smoking accessory will shatter your mind by giving your standard prerolled cone into a DIY shotgun.

This smoking accessory device is simple: break out your rolling tray and RAW cone, just like you would normally, but instead of sparking it up with your mini torch lighter, you are going to place your prerolled beauty right inside The Powerhitter. That's when the magic begins!

Why You Want to Get a PowerHitter

This beast of a delivery mechanism is every stoner’s dream. It captures every bit of smoke so that absolutely none escapes.

Want to smoke in the shower? Have at it! The Powerhitter protects your pre-rolled cones from wind and water, so take it literally anywhere. Need to save a little dough? All Atomic Blaze coupon codes for The Powerhitter apply, so make sure you sign up to the Blazer's List and grab your discount code.

Make sure you have a nice torch flame or a cheap windproof lighter handy when this puppy arrives in the mail. You’re definitely going to want to take an immediate shotgun hit to try it out!

What's to Expect with a Powerhitter:

  • Made with food grade plastic
  • Contactless inhalation
  • Captures smoke inside
  • Powerful hits delivered shotgun style
  • Easy to use and safe to share
  • Massive hits

How To Use a PowerHitter

Step One: 

Grab your cheap plastic grinder grinder and small metal rolling tray, and break up enough to firmly pack your RAW preroll cone with paper tips. Or twist one up the old fashioned way. 

Step Two:

Insert the cone into the cigarette holder inside the cap of the PowerHitter and screw the cap back onto the device.

Step Three:

Use your finger to cover the carb hole located on the side of the PowerHitter and gently squeeze the bottle.

Step Four: 

Inhale as the PowerHitter shotgun’s a powerful stream of clean smoke right into your mouth. No need to kiss it! Grip it and rip it!