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Ever been told that you should go speak to a therapist? Yea, us either. On the off-chance that someone does tell you that you should seek therapy, you can proudly tell them that you have been seeing a therapist for sometime now.

If that person gives you a skeptical look, you can talk about the daily lessons that you continue to work on to better yourself.

As part of your daily mental exercise, remember the wise words of your favorite metal therapist when you ask yourself, "How are you feeling today?"

Step 1: Choose the emoji that best represents your current mood.

Step 2: Fill that area until your emoji is completely covered.

Step 3: Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit.

This therapeutic small metal rolling tray has handy mood measuring blocks that help snuff out stress and ward off anxiety levels that are increasing to levels where you are ready to jump out of your skin.

Get this rolling tray and elevate your smoking game, exclusively sold at Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop Online, in Sarasota, FL.