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If you have ever walked into a traditional retail smokers shop with absolutely no clue what you wanted to buy, other than a glass pipe, then these unique glass handpipes have your name written all over them!

These glass pipe bowls are not your average or standard glass piece, because they are heavy hitters made by eccentric artisan glass blowers. Our premium glass bowls are built for the smokers who have any appreciation for well-crafted, double and triple blown glass smoking pipes that are able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

All Premium Glass Pipes have these characteristics:

  • Double or Triple Blown Glass
  • Heavier than Standard Glass Pipes
  • Very Unique Fuming and Color Combinations
  • Designed for Daily Use

Question: Why don’t I get to pick your exact glass pipe?

Answer: Here at Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop, we get a ton of glass bowls and we do our best to sort them all out. Occasionally, we get 4 or 5 of the same smoke pipes and, TBH, it’s way easier to put them aside for the smokers who like a surprise pipe that fits their budget. You’re going to receive a random pipe that you’ll love and that hits like a champion.

Question: Random you say…? Can you tell me more a little more because I’m almost sold.

Answer: Alright! You are guaranteed to receive a beautiful and unique glass bowl, but it’s going to be totally random. You won’t be getting a cheap piece (but we do sell cheap glass pipes if you your budget is a little lower) and almost all of our smoking bowls are triple blown glass pipes, with an occasional double-blown piece with some thick knobs or other flair.

The biggest selling point about these premium glass hand pipes from Atomic Blaze is the PRICE. You never have to overpay for your smokeshop accessories ever again when you visit our online head shop, because we get it.

This premium glass bowl piece will easily sell for $35-$40 if you were going to visit a traditional headshop and with Atomic Blaze, you can get two smoking pipes for that price (and we cover shipping)! 

We want you to save money, so you can spend it where it counts. 

Looking for something a little nicer than our random premium glass pipes?


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    Random pipe

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 8th 2023

    Love it

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    Posted by Ellen Miret on Apr 8th 2021

    I'm happy with my purchase