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If you have been hunting for a new triple blown glass pipe for smoking the latest and greatest, but haven’t made a decision on the exact color or style, then let Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop take care of you with our Premium Plus Random Glass Pipe Deal!

Feeling adventurous and feeling like it’s time to treat yourself to a little gift? Our Premium Plus selection of unique and heavy glass hand pipes are sure to keep you grinning from ear to ear, while delivering smooth, monstrous rips through the double and triple blown glass chamber!

All of our Premium Plus Pipes these standards:

  • Double or Triple Blown Glass
  • Unique Glass Designs
  • Vibrant Fumed Color Combinations
  • Built for Daily Smokers

Not only will you receive a fantastic glass pipe that retails for $40+, but it ships FREE and is also eligible for one of the many Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop discounts that are floating around the internet.

We call these double and triple blown beauties “Premium Plus” because they are a little bit nicer than our Premium Glass Pipes selection. What makes them nicer? 

Your random Premium Plus Glass Bowls will have some unique features such as being made from color-changing dichroic glass or constructed from sturdy borosilicate glass. Some of the random glass pieces in our Premium Plus Collection have glass knobs to help with gripping and ripping, and some of the triple blown glass bowls are UV reactive (AKA they glow) to add a little more fun to your smoking session.

We hope you never forget that at Atomic Blaze, we are smokers and have been smoking for a very long time! We have had a chance to try many many (many) glass pipes, bubblers and bongs from all over the world, so when we tell you that these glass bowls are super nice glass hand pipes, you can bank on it! 

We hand select every single Premium Plus Glass Pipe that we sell in our online headshop, and since we are cutting out the retailers and selling these premium glass pipe bowls directly, you won’t be disappointed with the value!

We are committed to bringing you the best and cheapest glass pipes online with free shipping. A random glass pipe delivered discreetly to you at an unbeatable price ensures that Atomic Blaze can always give you the hookup on the best glass pipes and smoking accessories!

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