Mini Elephant Pipes

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You’ll be riding above the canopy on the back of this glass elephant bowl in no time. At 3” in length, this may be one of the smallest elephants you’ve ever met. But it will give you the biggest rips of any elephant, too! 

Crafted lovingly from cool colored glass, the durable animal shaped bowl is a staple of any smoker’s pipe collection. This elephant will start conversations and spark creative ideas. Plus, since you’re buying from Atomic Blaze, you know this glass hand pipe is affordable and durable. 

Our Favorite Features

You’ll be seeing pink elephants dancing around the room in no time after taking a few rips from this classic bowl. This piece is also funny. The carb is the elephants butt and the bowl is its trunk! Would you say thats adora-bowl? 

Sorry for the dad joke. We’re just excited about this pipe. It’s one of our favorites and it features a super deep, generous bowl for you to load plenty of product into! 


  • 3” length (trunk to tail)
  • Elephant shaped
  • Deep bowl 

How To Use

Step 1: Load the bowl with ground product.

Put your lips on the trunk and finger over the carb.

Step 2: Light the bowl and inhale.

Keep your finger on the carb.

Step 3: When the bowl cherries, release your finger from the carb.

Inhale to clear the chamber.

Step 4: Pass the elephant to a friend!