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This is one of the coolest blown glass pipes we have ever seen! Bright red with white polka dots, a two headed mushroom becomes your bowl and carb.

Smoking from a glass pipe like this will make you think of caterpillars and white rabbits. And it’s durable enough to take with you into the woods on that soul searching hike to become one with nature.

Our Favorite Features

We love this smoke pipe, not just for it’s super cool design that’s sure to be a conversation starter at the next camping trip, but it hits flawlessly again and again.

The large bowl chamber allows for huge bowl packs to last for multiple hits. And at only four inches in length it's easy to take with you anywhere you need to puff. 


  • 4 Inches in Length
  • Colorful mushroom design
  • Carburetor for smooth hits
  • Durable blown glass perfect for taking anywhere
  • Discreet packaging and fast shipping

How to Use

Step One: Pack your mushroom pipe

Take your desired amount of groundup product and pack it gently into the bowl part of the mushroom pipe.

Step Two: Take your trusty lighter and fire it up

While inhaling, light the bowl and cover the carb.

Step Three: Remove your finger from the carb

This clears the smoke from the chamber

Step Four: Exhale and Enjoy!

Cleaning Your Mushroom Pipe

To clean your glass pipe is to love your glass pipe, so make sure to keep your pipe clean with a frequent cleaning using a rubbing alcohol and salt solution.It’s super easy to do and ensures each hit off your mushroom pipe will pack the most powerful and smoothest hit every time.