3" Rasta Glass Chillums

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You never know when you’re going to be feeling that good rasta love. So stay prepared for those unexpected smoke sessions with this 3” glass rasta chillum. When you break this pipe out, The red, yellow and green glass will show everyone that  you’re a veteran smoker who knows their way around a session! 

Plus, one hitter pipes are an underrated way to smoke. They’re efficient, super durable and portable. They get the job done, need barely any cleaning or maintenance and fit in your purse or pocket without any problems. They’re also as affordable as any quality glass pipe anywhere!

Our Favorite Features 

A chillum is a straight glass pipe of a smaller size. Unlike a steamroller, it has no carb. Chillums are literally as straightforward as glass pipes come. That’s why they rock! Whether you’re bringing this glass hand pipe on a road trip or just firing it up on you couch, it will get the job done simply. Little pipes like this one are perfect for keeping you the right level of lit! 

This rasta pipe is also a cool glass piece. Rastas are perhaps the most famous smokers of them all. This piece rips super hard, too, so you’ll have the reggae turned up in no time! 


  • 3” length
  • Red, yellow and green rasta colors
  • Easy to transport
  • Sturdy construction
  • Straight pipe 

How To Use

Step 1: Fill up the glass bowl with ground product

Don’t spill any as the bowl is horizontal, rather than vertical!

Step 2: Lift the glass pipe to your mouth 

Keep it at an upturned angle!

Step 3: Light the product and inhale 

Rip until you’ve gotten your fill of smoke!

Step 4: Exhale and turn up the tunes!

Enjoy the session!