Mason Jar Glass Dabbers

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A few dabs with this mason jar will quench your thirst for an epic dab session! We think a cold glass of ice-water tastes the best out of a mason jar. Thus, we think a steaming hot dab of product tastes best off of this mason jar dabber!

This is a whimsical dab tool for down home smoke sessions. There’s nothing quite like sitting on the porch, taking tasty terps to the face and listening to some blue grass. The rustic vibes of this glass dabber will bring those afternoon-in-the-country vibes to your smoke session, no matter where you are! 

Our Favorite Features 

We love the vibes this mason jar dabber brings to a dab session. Instead of serving up a cool glass of sweet tea in this jar, you’ll be serving up some piping hot smoke! 

There’s nothing like coming together with friends for a smoke session on a beautiful day. This quirky mason jar dabber will give your crew something to admire during any smoke session. Plus, since you’re shopping at Atomic Blaze, you know that this dabber tool is affordable and sturdy!


  • Glass construction
  • Mason jar design
  • Durable
  • Rustic 
  • Length: 135mm

How To Use

Step 1: Collect your dab gear for a session.

Get ready to have an awesome time!

Step 2: Get your product ready.

You’ll be dabbing in no time!

Step 3: Use the mason jar tool to scoop a dab of product,

Get a dab of product about the size of rice just to start!

Step 4: Blast that dab!

Sit back and chill.