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Earth's Favorite Glass Dabber

When it comes to getting in touch with nature, we already know if you are shopping for dab tools, you are probably globbing all over the place, including hitting some nature dabs for conducting scientific research.

Bout that Leaf Life

While this isn't your traditional cannabis or hemp leaf, this glass dabbing tool has a really cool leaf design. 

The glass leaf on the end of the dab tool feels like it belongs in a trendy, upscale Vegas-style consumption lounge.

Also similar to some Vegas nightclubs, this glass dabber could be your dream come true.

First, you catch a flash of it's pretty little leaf top and it makes you crack a little smile.

Then you notice it's curiously curvy midsection and you get a little warm.

Now you're eyes are glued to it's thicc, sturdy bottom and you can't contain yourself.

All that's left for you to do is take it home, and get all sticky together.

See? Just like Vegas.

Ready for more fun?

Swirly Color for Days.

These glass dab tools with a leaf design come in 5 super fun colors and each dab tool is swirled with white glass, making your dabber look like a fun candy cane.

Choose your leaf dab tool in these colors:

  • Emerald Green Glass with White Candy Cane Stripe
  • Pink Glass with White Candy Cane Stripe
  • Black Glass with White Candy Cane Stripe
  • Light Green Glass with White Candy Cane Stripe
  • Red Glass with White Candy Cane Stripe

Go ahead and treat yo'self and your frens with this dabber.

More Leaf Dabber Details

These dab tools are made from borosilicate glass and are heat resistant.

I tried to melt the glass with my torch, but was unsuccessful, so don't try to test out the heat capabilities.

The leaf design allows you to scoop up a nice glob to put into your quartz banger and elevate your sesh.

Whether your new to dabbing or an experienced dabber, these glass dab tools will be the perfect addition to any dab rig kit.

Glass Dabber Specifications:

  • Unique Leaf and Stripe Glass design
  • Crafted from borosilicate glass
  • Heat resistant
  • Sturdy construction
  • Length: 5.5"