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Look, if you have $25 and you need that money to last for a while, but still need some glass pieces, then these smoking bundle is built for you!

It doesn't matter if you're clutz and break your glass pipes often or you just look at glass smoking accessories as tools to help get you lit, because you are going to get a ton of VALUE with this factory seconds bundle from AtomicBlaze.com!

AND to make this an even sweeter deal, we cover shipping too!

What are Factory Second Glass Pipes?

Good question! When Heather is inspecting glass pipe bowls, small glass bongs, bubblers and chillums, she pulls out any piece that she thinks you might be annoyed with or that has an imperfection.

Imperfections may range from: non-performance affecting fracture, extra glass from the blowing process, smaller glass bowl or chamber, logo misprints and anything else that might give you a bad experience when you can't touch the glass piece before buying it!

So What's Up with These Pipes Then? Are They Any Good?

You already know we sell cheap glass pipes and mini bongs at the best prices online, so if it isn't close to perfect, then it isn't worth creating a situation where you might be unhappy and then we spend a ton of time, money and resources to try and replace the smoking accessories.

The glass pipes, bubblers and bongs are all very much usuable and there should be no (or very limited) performance issues with your piece.

What's in this Factory Second Pipe Bundle?

  • One (1) Mid-Tier Glass Bong, Glass Bubbler or Pipe (Value $15)
  • One (1) 4" - 5" glass pipe (value $15)
  • One (1) 3" - 4" glass pipe bowl (value $10)
  • One (1) Premium Glass Chillum (Value $12-$15)
  • One (1) Glass Chillum (Value $10-$15)
  • One (1) Atomic Blaze Glass One Hitter Pipe (Value $5)
  • One (1) Small Metal Rolling Trays (Value $9)

Can I return Factory Seconds or Clearance Glass Pipes?

Our factory second glass bundles are sold AS-IS! Of course, if something is damaged in shipping, we will replace it. Just make sure you send pics of the damaged items to us to validate your claim. Read our entire refund and return policy if you have any questions or any concerns.

Enjoy this $25 clearance cheap glass pipe bundle from Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop!