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We're excited to announce the first-ever $25 Mystery Box! This bundle includes everything from our $15 mystery box plus two pieces of unique glass. That's right, five items to elevate your smoking game for only 25 bucks! Get yours today!

Atomic Blaze has all of your smoking needs, and now you can get a surprise smoking kit delivered to you right on your doorsteps for only $25!

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What will you get?

For only $25, you can get a mystery box including five items from the Smoke Shop.

It includes everything from the $15 Mystery Bundle and two pieces of unique glass for a total price of $25.

Yes, you are correct! For about $25, you may get five products to improve your smoking experience.

In the $25 Mystery Box, you'll find four different smoking accessories as well as four different smoking accessories:

  • Two accessories
  • Two items from which you can smoke
  • Two pieces of glass.


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    Glass pipe

    Posted by brian cane on Feb 15th 2022

    The pipe is made of thick glass I’ve dropped it a number of times and she’s a timed lol