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The Powerhitter
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Welcome to the Atomic Powerhitter! Atomic Blaze and The Powerhitter teamed up to offer an incredible and affordable bundle designed to take your smoking experience to an unprecedented level! Whether you want to pack a RAW cone or a one-hitter, this bundle covers all the bases. At Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop, we want to make sure you’re prepared for any smoke sesh without emptying your bank account!

Seriously, the Atomic Powerhitter Bundle has EVERYTHING.

No matter what type of smoker you are, this Powerhitter bundle has every tool you could ask for. Roll one up with the high-quality King Palm Wraps, RAW cones, and RAW paper tip booklet, and keep yourself organized with the Atomic Blaze rolling tray. You can also use the RAW rolling machine to roll a perfect stick within seconds.

If you want to get the most out of your prerolled cone, the Powerhitter is designed for exactly that. We’ve even provided you with a variety of lighters so you’re never without a flame! If you want a discreet way to transport your product, Doob tubes are smell-proof, compact containers that can fit into any purse or pocket. 

Don’t miss out on this AMAZING deal, and check out more bundles from Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop in Sarasota, FL!


  • 1 Powerhitter
  • 5 Atomic Blaze chillums
  • 1 Atomic Blaze rolling tray
  • 1 Pack King Palms - 2 wraps + 2 tips (random selection)
  • 1 Pack RAW King Size Cones (3/pack)
  • Premium Atomic Blaze Torch
  • 5 Lighters
  • RAW Paper Tips (50 tips/pack)
  • RAW Rolling Machine

What's Included

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How to Use

Step 1: The Rolling Papers

This Atomic Powerhitter bundle makes it super easy to roll and enjoy a smoke stick anywhere and anytime! Roll a perfect one using one of the hemp wraps or cones included in this bundle, and make sure to use the paper tips!

Step 2: The Metal Rolling Tray

You never even have to worry about losing tobacco with the small metal rolling tray designed for organized and efficient rolling. Need to know how to roll and want to learn other smoking tips?

Step 3: The Rolling Machine

Use the rolling machine to enjoy a perfectly rolled smoke stick in no time!

Step 4: The Powerhitter

Last but not least, use the Powerhitter to maximize your hits and get the most out of your session. If you’re a smoker on the go, no worries! Doob Tubes are airtight and perfect for storing preroll cones of any size.