10 Tips for Massive Bong Rips

Aug 4th 2021

10 Tips for Massive Bong Rips

Master the art of massive bong rips and make the most of every toke every time.

Master the art of massive bong rips and make the most of every toke every time with tips from Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

It’s bong rip time! And the old adage of “you don’t get off unless you cough” is a thing of the past. No more hacking up a lung everytime you take a toke off a bong. That doesn’t even do anything anyhow except get your face all red and irritate your throat and lungs. So cut it out!

Chill out and enjoy every rip off a bong like a pro. Smooth and cool hits are where it’s at. Here are 10 tips for massive bong rips! 

1. Don’t Forget to Breathe

Breathe easy with tips for smoking herb from Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

Make sure to take a few deep breaths before you plan to take a massive rip off a bong. Swimmers practice deep breathing so they can hold their breath underwater for huge lengths of time. It’s no wonder Michael Phelps is a pro at taking massive bong rips.

2. Make Room For Air

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests you make room for air when smoking herbs

When you take a huge rip off a bong, make sure you inhale a little bit of air at the end of your hit. Leaving room for a little bit of air in your lungs after filling them with smoke helps clear the air from your esophagus so you are less likely to cough it all out. 

3. Watch the Water

Watch the water level of your bong is highly recommended by Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

The water level of your bong makes a huge difference between a huge rip and a huge waste of time and product. Don’t fill your bubbler with too much water or it will splash up the mouthpiece and kiss you with dirty bong water. That’s disgusting. Too little and it won’t cover the downstem. At just the right amount of water, you can maximize the chamber of your bong with thick, filtered smoke.

4. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow steady draws on the bong will keep the burn of the herbs even as suggested by Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

You may be tempted to rip off that bong like you’re in a race to suck up all the smoke, but trust us when we say to take your time. Slow draws from the bong make for nice thick clouds of smoke that cool down before hitting your lungs and allows for a slow, even burn of your bowl pack. 

5. Bowls for Days

According to Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop if you want a strong hard hit from your bong, pack a small bowl of herb

We like big bowls and we cannot lie, but small bowls have their own function. If you want to take a big hit, then take it from a small bowl so it gets burned up with one hit. If you want to take longer but smaller hits, then pack a big bowl. The airflow in a big bowl burns your product slower and a small bowl will burn much faster giving you a bigger hit. 

6. Use a Grinder

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests you grind your flower prior to loading your bowl for more even burning

To get the best hit from a bong, you should be using a grinder to break up your hemp. Big chunks of plant matter won’t burn evenly and you run the risk of having harsh stems in there, too. A grinder will make nice fluffy pieces that pack tight and burn right. You can get large grinders, small grinders, travel sized grinders and grinders with kief chambers. All will do the trick, you just need to pick the color. 

7. Ice, Ice, Baby

For a smoother hit from your bong adding ice is a great smoking tip from Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

For nice cold smoke that won’t make you choke, put ice in your bong. They make bongs with special adaptations for catching ice so it’s even easier to give that new piece the extra cool factor you were looking for. 

8. Stay Hydrated

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests drinking water while smoking flower will prevent a sore throat

You put the right amount of water in your bong, but did you get a glass for yourself? Make sure you stay hydrated when you’re smoking. Taking a sip of water after you take a rip off a bong will help soothe your throat and prevent that harsh cough. 

9. Let It Out 

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests exhaling your bong hit in small amounts at a time for better absorption of your smoke.

You can’t hold it forever, but when you let that big puff of smoke out, do it with finesse. Exhale by blowing the smoke out somewhat quickly, but stopping to take in more air a few times before relieving your lungs of all that you inhaled. This helps your lungs ease into taking a breath of fresh air after you’ve taken a massive rip. It also allows you to hold on to some of that smoke just a little longer for it to be more effective. 

10. Help From Your Friends

Get large bongs from Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop to share a bowl of flower with friends

One of the best ways to get the best bong rip is to enjoy them with friends! Get a big bong with a huge chamber so you can pass it around and share the love. 

Where Can You Buy Bongs?

The best deal on bongs are at Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop because we don’t have the expense of a brick and mortar storefront. Even better, you can get them delivered cheaply and discreetly. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and you can even get silicone bongs for traveling with. When it comes to taking massive bong rips, any bong will do- just stay lit!