16 Jobs Where Smoking is Perfectly Acceptable

Sep 8th 2021

16 Jobs Where Smoking is Perfectly Acceptable

How to enjoy your job, your time off, and still pay your bills.

16 Jobs Where Smoking is Perfectly Acceptable brought to you by Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

While we are moving into a whole new age of acceptance when it comes to that leafy goodness, it can still be tricky to find employers who are as open-minded. Luckily, with the spreading legalization of both medical and recreational use, new jobs are forming every day. Jobs that not only accept hemp use, but actively work with it.

1.Tour Guide

This particular avenue is still in the infancy stages, but don’t expect it to stay there long. If you live in a place where dispensaries are as common as Starbucks, then there is definitely a market for showing not-so-lucky tourists their way around, teach a little etiquette, and give them a good experience to take home to their local legislators.

2.Retail Ownership

Yes, retail. Except instead of Karens yelling at you over expired coupons, you get to cater to fellow leaf-lovers, help newbies meet their needs, and set your own standards. Owning a business of any kind is a lofty endeavor, but if you’ve got the brains and the drive, then might as well dive in while the market is growing.


Work as a budtender in a flower and wax dispensary to avoid drug testing as suggested by Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

If ownership seems like more than you can handle, there are plenty of shops that need employees. A budtender is like a bartender and a cashier in one. Yes, you’re selling, but you also have to know the product. But if you’re a strain aficionado and like helping people figure out what works for them, then budtender is the job for you.

4.Edible Making

Earn a paycheck making edibles for herbal companies as suggested by Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

There are a couple ways to go about this, so definitely check your local laws regarding how to regulate your products. But if you love baking and cooking, I guarantee there’s a market for you to explore. You can work from home, making potent treats with your own recipes, or you can put your skills to use with a licensed merchant. Some states are pretty picky about listing exactly how much green is in each item, what strains and concentrations are allowed, but from cookies to candy to cheesecake, if you can bake it, someone will happily get baked with it.


Believe it or not, buds don’t just sprout in those pretty little bunches. Trimmers not only harvest the buds, but clean them up as well, making sure they’re not only pretty but that the customer is getting exactly what they paid for. Hemp plants are typically sold by weight, so it’s a trimmer’s job to make sure that weight isn’t eaten up by useless leaves and stems.

6.Glass Merchant

We’ve all seen the ‘tobacco’ pipes for sale at smoke shops. It used to be a don’t ask, don’t tell sort of thing, but now that we don’t have to pretend everyone doesn’t know what we’re really putting in our bongs, selling them is a whole lot easier. If you’re artistic and fire-happy, you can make your own to sell, or you can help run a shop with its own stock.


Sounds like a dream job, right? And it is, but don’t think it’s so easy to get or do. The market is finally opening up to really explore different strains and hybrids, so it takes a discerning palate to be able to document different effects. This is particularly useful for medical patients, or anyone who just wants a very specific result. But if you really know your way around a terpene profile, then you may be able to give this one a shot.

8.Concentrate Processing

This job can be trickier than most to get. Concentrate processors produce things like dabs, oils, and tinctures--high concentrate items, essentially, which are most often recommended for medical patients. You need to feel comfortable dealing with chemicals and lab equipment, and a background in chemistry is preferable. But really, who doesn’t want to be a smoking scientist?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop recommends processing flower concentrates and extracts to avoid drug testing at work


No matter how chill the dispensary, there is always, always, always professional security. Not necessarily because of problematic clientele, but simply because state and federal regulations are pretty strict, and not everyone who comes in knows the minutiae of what is and isn’t okay. Security will check ID’s at the door, make sure no one is taking pictures when they shouldn’t be, that sort of thing. I can’t guarantee it will always be so calm, but if you aren’t afraid of a little potential action, then a security guard might be the title for you. Just don’t toke up on the job.


The availability and requirements of regulator positions can vary from state to state. It’s their job to not only know the local laws, but ensure that distributors are following them. It can be a bit more straight-laced than some of the other positions on this list, but it’s hard to argue with a good paycheck.


Growing leaf isn’t the small-time, secretive gig it used to be. Growing demand means growing supply--and a growing need for green (pun unintended) thumbs to cultivate and harvest. Whether you start your own operation or join a team, if you’re a whiz with plants, then farming may be right up your alley.


Okay, to be fair, just about any independent consultant can get away with smoking. No need to take a drug test when you’re your own boss, right? But we’re talking about the plant industry, and there are plenty of aspects that new businesses may need your expertise on. From growing to selling to marketing, if you’ve got business savvy, someone is definitely willing to pay for it.

13.Seed Harvesting

This one isn’t dissimilar to farming, but it requires a little more specialization--and a lot more knowledge of local laws. You may live in a state that requires specific licensing, but if you can get that, then harvesting and selling seeds to fellow growers can be a lucrative venture. Just don’t do anything to get yourself arrested.

14.Web Services

‘Web services’ is a pretty broad term, but that’s a good thing. Are you good at programming? There’s payroll, inventory, and accounting software that needs creating and maintaining. Big fan of forums? Plenty of websites need expert opinions on products and strains. Or you can do what I’m doing now, and create info blurbs for the masses. Not to mention graphic design. If it’s on a computer, there’s probably a job for it.

Offering web services to sites like Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop is a great way to avoid drug testing at work


Ah, clerical work. It’s a bit tedious, but necessary. From record keeping to appointment making to the joys of marketing, there is always a space for office jobs. Except no one is going to fire you for toking up at the end of a long day. If you’ve already got the basics under your belt, but you need a little more freedom in your free time, then why not give a new office a try?

16.Courier Services

Not a lot of places deliver just yet, but like many aspects of this industry, it’s only a matter of time. The biggest benefit to being a delivery person is that you don’t have to be super knowledgeable about strains or brands (or worry about the product getting cold while you’re trying to find the dang place), and given state and federal regulations, you’re definitely making more than you would carting pizza around.

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