5 Reasons Why a Big Bong Can Be a Big Pain.

Posted by Richard Blows on Jan 15th 2023

5 Reasons Why a Big Bong Can Be a Big Pain.

5 Reasons a Big Bong Can Be a Big Pain

We see these crazy looking giant bongs all the time, but are they really all they are cracked up to be? Well, you have the cracked up part right! They break all the time. They cost a lot of money and they are the least discreet smoke pipes you will ever find. 

Hypothetical: You've been coveting this big glass bong at your local head shop for months now and saving some money to buy it. You told all your friends about it and even ended up spending some of your rent money to get it.

-- Your early enthusiasm to buy it died down shortly after bringing it home and you now you regret spending the money.

-- The damn bong fell over on the table and broke a week after you got it...

Lazy? No time? Tap and Jump to a reason.


Although they may look super cool, sometimes a big, expensive bong just simply isn’t worth it. Often, the more complex something looks, the more complicated it is to enjoy. Let's talk about the value of inexpensive but colorful bongs, compared to glass bongs that are several feet tall, super heavy and are not easily transported.

No matter how interesting they may appear to be, actually using an uber-expensive piece of glass can easily be more frustrating than rewarding. Where’s the fun in that? To help save you from spending an arm and a leg on something non-functional, we’ve broken down some of the biggest reasons why you should reconsider big expensive bongs. Plus, we’ll help you find the perfect piece of glass for you.

Poor Portability and Functionality

If you’ve ever looked at a monster bong and wondered, how does anyone smoke from that, you’re asking the right question. Extra-large bongs are incredibly difficult to maneuver, especially for the newer smoker. They take extra practice, and produce unbelievable amounts of smoke that can be difficult to handle.

Glass pieces that are difficult to handle are just asking to be broken or damaged too, so spending significant amounts of money on them simply doesn’t make sense. Just a simple bump or wrong grip and your expensive, large bong can be ruined in an instant.

A big bongs is not portable and does not provide a much better smoke session than a small portable galss bong.

Bearing this in mind, you also cannot bring your large bong with you for on-the-go smoke sessions or to a friend’s. Well, you can definitely try, but transporting your expensive piece of glass is a recipe for disaster. This means that you can really only use these bongs at home, yet they’ll still need to be handled with caution, just in case.

All in all, no matter how cool these bongs may look, their functionality is just not practical for the everyday smoker.

Higher Price ≠ Higher Quality

These glass bongs can get pretty elaborate but end up being more like sculptures rather than a smoke pipe.

Just because there’s a higher price tag on your bong doesn’t necessarily mean that it has been made with higher-quality materials. On the contrary, these bongs can be priced at super high points regardless of their quality, and simply for their eye-catching sizes. They price these monstrous bongs based off of a perceived value.

Because of that, glass blowers can often get away with making their pieces out of cheaper materials that aren’t meant to last the way a higher-quality, more compact bong would.

A quality bong should be about 7-10mm in thickness to ensure stability and durability. Bongs that hefty can be transported with ease and significantly less worry than your enormous, delicate one.

However, we’re not saying that all large expensive bongs are cheap. But still, even the masterfully crafted bongs make with wild designs are more like sculptures than actual water pipes. In the end, they are not able to filter smoke any better than any other bong.

It is highly likely that you’ll come across quite a few lower-quality ones at your local smoke shop if you’re not careful. Don’t take the gamble. Save your money and purchase a smaller, more functional bong that has both the quality and affordability you’re looking for. We promise, there are so many of them out there.

It Might Not be the Bong for You!

Simply put, just because these bongs are flashy and larger-than-life doesn’t mean they’ll be the piece for you. Over your smoking career, you’ll find yourself forming preferences over different shapes of bongs, their sizes, and their unique percolators. Some bongs will give you the smoking experience you desire, while others may not, totally unrelated to the herb you’re enjoying.

Over time you will find the perfect smoke pipes for you and how you enjoy smoking your stash.

So, if you find yourself trying out a large, way-too-expensive bong and you’re just not a fan, that’s okay! Some bongs just may not be for you. That’s why it's crucial to take the time to find out what bongs you love the most (as well as the ones you want to avoid).

Pro Smoker Tip

"If you are a smoker trying to save your money, don't fall for the sales gimmicks of head shop owners trying to sell you over expensive crazy glass bongs. When all you really want is to get an awesome sesh in, just go for an inexpensive water pipe. Bongs are all about the water filtration, that's it."

Bongs That Are Inexpensive & Just As Good

Small Acrylic Bongs

If you really want to save your money, skip the huge glass bong and try a compact acrylic bong. These bongs come in a wide variety of different colors and have durability unlike any other. Acrylic bongs are some of the cheapest on the market, and they still provide an amazing smoking experience.

Small Inexpensive Glass Bongs

When it comes to glass bongs, there are various different types for you to choose from depending on the kind of hit you want from your flower. Whether it’s a beaker bong, straight tube, or a zig-zag shape, they all have unique qualities you can enjoy.

Plus, the thick glass doesn’t influence flavor, and they often come with percolators to add the perfect amount of bubble (and filter) to your hits as possible. Glass bongs are available at various price points as well as sizes to appeal to all smokers--you just have to find your favorite.

If you really like glass bongs, just find a nice small portable glass bong that will do the trick.


You can also choose a bubbler pipe. These are some of the prettiest smoke pipes out there, and they also use water filtration. They are much more portable than a big bong, and they don't have a glass slide to pull to clear them. Instead, they have have a carb like a traditional glass bowl pipe.

Silicone Bongs

For ultimate durability and portability, you can turn to silicone bongs. These rubberized bongs are made exclusively out of silicone material so you can fully enjoy your herb without worrying about it breaking. They are worth having around in case you want to sesh on-the-go too. Plus, the color options are endless.

A silicone bong is a great alternative to a big expensive bong since they will not break easily and are a very inexpensive bong.

Finally, Save Your Cash

Save your money insterad or spending it on a big expensive bong when you can get a cheap bong that works just as well.

Feeling adventurous? Learn to make a gravity bong with our guide!

All-in-all, we suggest you saving your cash and skipping the big, expensive glass bong at your local smoke shop. Instead, purchase something smaller, more functional, and one that you can fully enjoy any time you want. With so many different options to choose from, you’ll have no issue finding your favorite type of bong. They're are cheap bongs to replace too.

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