8 Ways to Smoke without a Pipe or Papers

by Richard Blows

If you’re jonesing for a smoke but don’t have a pipe or papers, you may feel like you’re out of luck. Thankfully, that just isn't the case.

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Using our creative brains during desperate times, smokers everywhere have come up with various alternative ways to enjoy their flower without having to rely on any papers or even a pipe. Though it may seem impossible, nothing is too tricky for the smoking enthusiast.

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Yard Bong

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Ah, yes, this one might bring back some nostalgic memories. As we went dankrupt in our past and ran low on our stash, turning to a homemade bong was always the best option. Now, it’s also ideal for those who don’t have a glass bong, pipe, or papers on hand. 

For this, see if you can track down an old plastic beer yard from some fat Tuesday evening or a St. Patrick's Day. Really, you can use almost any plastic bottle, but a beer yard is actually shaped like a bong, so it's a deal.

In addition to the beer yard or plastic bottle, all you will need is:

  • Some aluminum foil
  • A knife or scissors
  • Tape
  • A lighter
  • A thick tube or break a cigar tube
  • Some bud

At the base of the yard, use the lighter to melt the plastic enough to make it soft where you would imagine a bowl stem would go if it were a real bong. If you need to use the knife or scissor to help open the hole up enough, then do it. 

Push your tubing through the melted plastic into the base of the yard where the water will go. As the plastic cools it should help seal the tube in place, but you will definitely need the tape to make sure no air can get in around the tube.

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Now craft a bowl with the tin foil so it can sit on top of the tube you just inserted. Polk holes in the tin foil an voila, you have a homemade yard bong! Add water to the bottom so the downstem is covered and have a smoke session to rival all others.

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An Apple

Another classic method for desperate smokers is that of the apple. Grab an apple, any type will do, and pull off the stem on the top. This indentation will serve as the bowl. Then, take a small knife and carve a narrow, inch-deep hole down the center of your apple, starting from the stem. Mind you, that you don’t want to make the hole too big, or else your flower will fall through.

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Now, you need to carve a similar hole going horizontally to join with the vertical one you made a second ago. Once you have this L shape going through your apple, you’re all ready to smoke.

Hot Knife Method

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Long before we had the option of pipes with carbs and four-foot-tall bongs, we had the hot knife method. This method is fairly simple but can be a bit more dangerous so be careful when performing. With this, all you’ll need is a knife, a heat source and some bud.

Start by heating up your knife so that it’s red hot. No, literally, it needs to be glowing red. You can achieve this usually by torching it or holding it over your stove top. Once it’s glowing, you can drop your bud directly onto the knife, and hover over it with your face. The extreme temperature will vaporize your flower enough to give you a hefty inhale of smoke. For more efficacy with flower, try heating two knives and pressing the bud between them.

And, to collect more smoke, you can create a dome over your contraption to ensure all the milkiness goes to you.

Eat it up

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If you don’t have bongs, pipes, or papers, don’t worry! Edibles are a great option for someone wanting to use up the rest of their stash but who doesn’t have the tools to smoke it. With this, you can choose to cook your flower down into butter or oil, and then add it into any everyday recipe that you have. Whether that’s cookies, pasta, or even steak is up to you, but regardless of what you choose, you’ll have some fun infused treats for a while.

Just be wary that edibles are incredibly potent, so, when making them, be incredibly cognizant about how much flower you’re adding. It also take a while to kick-in so don't go over stuffing yourself all because you're impatient. That is the recipe for disaster.

Can Pipe

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You’ve probably seen a can pipe a time or two in your days, whether it be in the movies or during a desperate outdoors sesh. Though it may seem silly, these homemade pipes are sure to get the job done when you need them to.

All you’ll need is a can, a small knife or needle, your flower, and a lighter. Using your can, indent the middle of it like a bowl and create another thumb-sized indent on the side of your can, like a carb on a pipe. Using your needle or small knife, poke various tiny holes in the middle of your can where you squished it, making a grating pattern. Then, create a bigger hole in the side to serve as the carb.

Then, load some dry herb in the indentation you’ve made on the center of the can, put the can up to your mouth (after removing the pop-tab) and light your bud. Make sure your finger is covering the carb and you’re inhaling gently. That’s it! This bud's for you!

Hollowed-Out Cig

A hollowed-out cigarette may seem obvious, but it’s incredibly effective when you’re out of other materials. With this, as long as you have an untouched cigarette, a lighter, and some ground-up herb, you’re totally good to go.

Using tweezers, carefully remove all of the material inside the cigarette without damaging the paper it’s rolled in. If you don’t want a spliff, make sure to remove all of the material inside to the best of your abilities. Once it’s gone, you can carefully start to pack the rolled paper just like you would a pre-rolled cone.

Twist up the top, roll it up into the sleeve of your white t-shirt, and you're a greaser!

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Smoke the Nug Whole!

I know, I know: it sounds crazy. It's not recommended. But, this can actually quite easily be done with a little practice. Smoking your nug whole isn’t the most effective, but it can definitely produce the effects you need with the materials you have. We recommend watching a few YouTube tutorials before trying it yourself.

Take a nug (like whole, full-sized nug, not any popcorn ones) and put the stem side up to your mouth. Poke a hole on the opposite side of your nug for better airflow. Light that side of your bud and start inhaling. Eventually, you’ll start to feel the smoke from the plant fill your lungs,all without any papers, bongs, or pipes.

Tin Foil Pipe

This is another homemade option that is not really recommended. Using this much tin foil isn't good for the environment and also isn't great for your lungs. But, when your desperate, your desperate.

Twist a big piece of tin foil into a tube, and turn up the end to make a make a bowl. You don't need to be an engineery for this. Polk holes into the bowl for air flow, pack it and smoke. It'll do the job.

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