Bong Business: What is a bong?

Posted by Emma Way on Apr 6th 2021

Bong Business: What is a bong?

What Is a Bong?

If you are new to exploring the world of various ways to enjoy smoking, you may be flummoxed by the different choices you have. Experts at alleviating stress, improve your wellness, and enhance the enjoyment of daily life often already have a favorite delivery method. They may love to use our quality raw cones or one hitter.

Then there is the almighty joy of using a water bong. Many a person reaches for a favorite bong when they are ready to enjoy downtime. They also may have a growing collection of them. If you’re not sure about all the lingo, we are here to help you understand the mechanics of a smoke bong and why you should have one.

WTF is a Bong?

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The word ‘ bong’ derives from a Thai word that means a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe or container made from bamboo. Bongs are water pipes that were introduced to the world in a galaxy far far away. To be specific, a Russian excavation in 2013 dug up gold bongs from 2400 years ago that were used by tribal chiefs. If bongs were good enough for such historical figures, it’s no wonder they remain popular with smoke aficionados today.

A smoke bong is typically made of glass or plastic. It contains a cylinder the water goes in, a bowl to pack your greens in, and a stem that delivers the smoke from the bowl into the cylinder. The open part at the top of the cylinder is called the mouthpiece. What might sound complicated at first is really just an easy bong experience.

Why People Love Bongs

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Bongs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. For people who love to collect smoking apparatus, this provides a great way to build an interesting collection. colorful bong can light up a smoke session, as can those made in creative shapes and designs. They also make great gifts for your like-minded friends who need a new toy.

When discretion proves important, a small bong does the trick. You can whip out a 5 inch bong for a party of one. When you have something big to celebrate, it may be time to haul out the big boy. We remember fondly an old bong comrade that was emerald green and two feet tall. We nicknamed him Godzilla and let him out of his cage when we had a big crowd to entertain and impress.

Another reason bongs enjoy popularity has to do with the special effects that come from their usage. When you light up, the smoke passes through the water. When this happens, a lot of toxins and larger particles are trapped in the water. This provides a cleaner smoking experience. Water also acts as a coolant, making the smoke less harsh when you inhale it.

How To Use a Bong

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Using nicely cleaned herb makes for the best bong experience. Check out how convenient grinders are to help accomplish this. A warning for newbies: inhaling from a bong the first time may cause a coughing spell. Modulate how deeply you inhale so that you know the right amount for you.

The good news is that how a bong works is simple. The process of how to smoke a bong all starts with clean water. Bongs have a chamber that you put water in. A convenient watermark line is usually built into the bong, which shows you exactly how much water to use. After that:

  • Pack the bowl with your favorite green
  • Hold your fingertip over the carburetor, which is a small hole in the cylinder of the bong
  • Cover the mouthpiece with your mouth
  • Flick your Bic and light the greens
  • Inhale until water bubbles form

Don’t worry if it takes a couple of smoke sessions to get used to using a bong. Before you know it, those colorful bongs will be your new best friend.

How To Clean Your Bong

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Regularly cleaning your bong helps ensure it lasts a lifetime. It also gives you a cleaner smoking experience. If you really want to be obsessive, you can dump and refill the bong water after each use. However, experts recommend cleaning your bong once a week.

A telltale sign to look for that indicates it’s time for Mr. Bong’s Bath is when a ring forms around the waterline. Also look for floaters in the water, which are the bits and pieces from your herb. Just as you wouldn’t want to drink water with floaty pieces in it, you don’t want to inhale through it.

Keeping your bong water clean helps avoid the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria inside your bong. These can cause the development of respiratory health issues.

Cleaning your bong need not be complicated. Take off the removable pieces, such as the bowl and stem. Grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol (91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol) and pour some into the bong, Add coarse salt, such as Epsom or rock salt. This will act as an abrasive.

Shake the bong for a few minutes, then rinse it out with water and soap.

You can also use regular dish soap to wash the bong and mouthpiece. Just make sure you give everything a thorough rinsing before the next use.

Now That You’re a Bong Expert

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