FAQ's about America's Best Smoke Shops

Posted by Ashley J on Sep 28th 2020

FAQ's about America's Best Smoke Shops

Ever wondered what smoke shops are like? The headshop industry was built in the USA, because American has the most amount of smokers in the entire world. All of us smokers demand a wide variety of smoking products, knowledgeable staff to help us learn things like how to use a dab rig kit with torch or what the latest, greatest trends are coming out of California.

Keep reading below to get a glimpse into smoke shops through the most commonly asked general questions, the smoking accessories a shop sells, and how it differsfrom an online headshop.

Here are the most common FAQ's about American Head Shops:
  • What is a Smoke Shop?
  • Do Smoke Shops Sell Filters?
  • Do Smoke Shops Sell Grinders?
  • Do Smoke Shops Sell Rigs?
  • Do Smoke Shops Sell Replacement Downstems?

What is a Smoke Shop?

AtomicBlaze is Sarasota, FL is different than a traditional smoke shop. Online smoke shops have discreet shipping.

A smoke shop is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the perfect place to be as an experienced smoker looking to add to a collection or as a smoker wanting to see what’s out there. Depending on what state you’re in when visiting a smoke shop, they might be exclusively selling smoking accessories and complimentary smoking products. Think things like small glass bongs, pipe cleaners, and of course, the ever increasing CBD gummies.They also might have hemp products for sale, such as little cigarette boxes of branded RAW preroll cones and hemp wicks.

Either way, if you’re smoking regularly or just getting into it, you’ll find a reason to step into a smoke shop sooner or later. Of course, the need to actually step into a shop is decreasing, especially if you are in the market for accessories, which works well for best online headshops.

Where once upon a time, you may have had to visit a headshop, show your ID, and get buzzed inside. In the age of the internet you can just open up your laptop or phone and search for the best online smoke shops with good reviews and have a small bong or glass pipe shipped directly to you. With all that variety, you can be as picky as you’d like and get exactly what you need with a quick search and a click of a button to your online headshop.

Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop, in Sarasota FL is here to help you with that! We’re using this blog to tell you all about the smoke shop essentials. What you should expect to find on any headshop online worth your time and what kind of glass pipe you can buy, or stock up on RAW Cones or an exclusive smoker’s bundle.

Do Smoke Shops Sell Filters?

Your favorite online smoke shop should absolutely sell filters. While you may or may not see them as a necessity, if you’ve used them before then you will notice a difference in your cone rolled with filters versus a RYO without them. If you have never used a RA paper tip booklet, then you are missing out!

We all cough a little from the smoke here and there, but have you ever choked on Scooby Snacks? Ya know, those little dried pieces of leaf that can kick back into your mouth and throat while smoking? It’s no fun and sort of feels like a waste. Prerolled Filters however stop this from happening completely and as the name suggests they also do the job of filtering, giving you a cleaner, smoother smoke to minimize the chance of a cough.

In addition, you’ll be able to smoke your rolled stick down to the end, because the filter provides a barrier between the last of the leaf in your RAW Cone and your lips.

Atomic Blaze Head Shop carries several options for filter tips like, the RAW Connoisseur Rolling Papers with Filter Tips. The papers that come with the tips are unbleached with an adhesive made from acacia tree sap instead of a chemical glue. No glue is a big plus for smokers looking to use organic materials to stay natural and healthier, compared to tobacco blunt wraps.

Looking for a good time with your squad? We also have the “Girls Night In” party pack, which comes with five glass filter tips that can be used to pack a hit or two when you’re short on time, or if you are into microdosing.

Do Smoke Shops Sell Plastic and Metal Grinders?

Buy an AtomicBlaze smoking bundle and get an acrylic grinder with your chillums.

When you’re deciding on your traditional smoker’s shop, there’s no question that you should be able to find a couple of different varieties of plastic grinders and metal grinders. You want something that won’t get too sticky or break and to evenly grind the leaf to get the job done quickly with ease compared to using your hands. 

From cost-effective,long-lasting acrylic grinders to metal grinders with sharp teeth with multiple chambers with a keif keeper, that the better the grinder the less leaf wasted and more to go around. Well ground leaf means no gaps in your rollings and smoother hits in bowls! Also, in case of emergencies you can use your grinder as storage.

Do Smoke Shops Sell Rigs?

10 Inch Glass Dab Rig with Quartz Banger. Add a torch to make it a bundle from Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop Sarasota

If you want to try something different or already have experience with smoking a dab, then rigs are on your list when browsing online headshops. Rigs shouldn’t be hard to find, you should even be able to get specific about finding specific features. For example, mouthpieces that are just the right size to let you really experience the flavor but not so small that you can’t take a bigger hit when you want.

Atomic Blaze’s Premium Concentrate Bundle Dab Kit comes with a glass rig that can be used with or without water and has a removable bowl and quartz banger nail. The rig can also be used as a water bong because who doesn’t appreciate a little versatility?

The right kind of rig can mean the difference between smoking the way it’s meant to be (relaxing, effortless, chill) and turning your sesh into a job. Smoking concentrates should be easy, and having the right tools, specifically the right rigs, makes this process possible.

Do Smoke Shops Sell Downstems?

If you can buy a rig or bong from a smoke shop online then you should absolutely be able to buy a downstem. Downstems are one of several types of interchangeable glass attachments on the market, something you may need to buy down the line. A downstem is the glass piece that connects the bowl that you pack your dry leaf in to the water source in the bong.

Downstems make the whole process function, so most bongs and bubblers will come with a downstem, however accidents happen. Glass breaks, durable and sometimes things get lost. So, having the option to replace your detachable downstem is both convenient and necessary!

When it comes to the type of glass you want to purchase for your downstem, our advice is to do a little research and ask around. Many downstems, as well as the rigs and bongs they are attached to, are made of borosilicate glass. You might be familiar with borosilicate under the brand name Pyrex. This type of glass is resistant to thermal shock, which has obvious benefits for smoking and extremely difficult to break, which is never a bad investment in our opinion.

This is America and We Save Money

Since Americans like spending money, we also like saving money on our smokeshop supplies. When pitting an online smoke shop versus a traditional retail smokeshop, you will find the online headshop is almost always cheaper. You might find that your local Sarasota smokeshop has some great deals on clearance smoke shop glass and other items, but that's about where it ends for savings.

Buy cheap smoke shop accessories at Atomic Blaze online smoke shop in Sarasota, FL

Never overpay for your smoking essentials. The headshop industry is ripe for disruption with Atomic Blaze leading the way.

Stay blazed, and come along for the ride.