FAQ's About Hemp Wraps

Posted by Ashley J on Sep 13th 2020

FAQ's About Hemp Wraps

Like to Roll and been considering switching to hemp wraps? We get a lot of the same questions, so we figured we'd make a separate blog post summarizing all the Frequently Asked Questions about Hemp Wraps.

Maybe you’re brand new to rolling with hemp wraps, or maybe you’re just looking to up your skills and knowledge. Either way, a solid understanding of what hemp wraps are and what makes them different from whatever you might be rolling with now, can mean informed decision making, and a change in your entire relationship with how you smoke.

What are Hemp Wraps?

Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop sells the most Twisted Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are hemp leaves that have been dried and 100% tobacco and nicotine free. Hemp wraps have been created to move away from tobacco-based blunt wraps and more towards something natural and non-addictive.

Are Hemp Wraps Better For You?

One major difference between hemp wraps and other papers, is that hemp wraps can easily present a healthier option. To clarify, using hemp wraps aren't healthy for you in that way that say, eating an apple is healthy for you. Organic hemp wraps are healthier in that you aren’t introducing anything harmful to your system compared to inhaling chemicals associated with tobacco or nicotine. 

Being GMO-free means that some hemp wraps might be healthier than some apples; something to think about the next time you light up.

Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop sells Twisted Hemp which are not only organic and GMO-free, but also come from a pure single source hemp. There’s more thought being put behind the sourcing of this hemp than there may have been in the sourcing of the flower you put inside of it. Whether you think of your daily sesh as a part of a self-care routine or not, you’re actively choosing something better for yourself when you make the switch to hemp wraps, even if you don't use them exclusively.

There’s never been a better time to be as choosy as you want about how & what you smoke, so while new and non-smokers might not think about things like controlling burn time, getting picky about taste, or going organic, it’s a great time to learn that the possibilities are endless. From the flower itself, to what you roll it in and how you light it, you can totally customize the experience. Focus on what’s important to you and go from there. We’ll here to help you figure out priorities and favorites and maybe even get you thinking about things you wouldn’t have thought about on your own.

Where Do I Get Hemp Wraps?

As mentioned above, Atomic Blaze carries Twisted Hemp Brand wraps, a brand we trust, smoke and endorse for the amazing quality. These organic hemp wraps are a great addition to your collection of smoker supplies. These organic hemp wraps appeal to the health-conscious, as well as those of us who want to keep things cost-effective.

For those of us who like a subtle hint of flavor, there are options like Hang 10 Mango and Honey Citrus. For those of us who aren’t big fans of added flavors, there’s the classic Just Hemp pack. Whether or not you opt for a flavor, Twisted Hemp comes in packs of two with filter tips included and the serrated edges are like a guide for the right direction to roll in.

Keeping a handful of Twisted Hemp wrap packs ready to go also lends to any efforts you’re making to keep your habit sustainable. Wondering how? If you save your roaches, (you should be saving your roaches) you can unwrap the remaining dry herb and roll it into a single hemp wrap to make brand new hemp blunts.

These may end up being your favorite hemp wraps around. The wraps themselves are so easy to roll that no matter how experienced you are, you’ll likely be able to get the job done. We’ve listed some helpful tips and tricks on the Twisted Hemp product page, so bookmark that, along with this one, for a go-to guide once you’ve picked up your wraps. You’ll be happy you did.

Do Hemp Wraps Expire?

Hemp wraps can go bad if they aren’t stored properly. They can begin to dry up and crumble. The good news is that the best way to prevent drying out is also the easiest; store your hemp wraps properly. 

Most hemp wraps, like Twisted Hemp, will come in a bag with a zip-lock style closure, which is enough to keep things close to airtight and at the perfect humidity.

You can also store your hemp wraps in an airtight container of your choice, if you plan to hold on to them for a while. Things that you probably already have at home, like a mason jar or Tupperware, are perfect for this. 

Once you’ve started looking for these kinds of storage solutions, you’ll get better and better at spotting them.

Urban Legend: The freezer or the fridge is also an effective space to keep them in. Some people will warn against this because the temperature can dehumidify anything on the inside of a wrap. If the fridge or freezer is where you can store it, go for it. It certainly won’t make things worse and it will keep the wraps from drying out and crumbling, and becoming completely unusable.

Do Hemp Wraps Burn Slow?

Do hemp wraps burn slow, or too fast? These are fair questions considering there is a difference in burn time between things like joint papers and papers from cigar products used for blunts.

The answer (and good news) is that hemp wraps have an even, slow burn with the main difference between them and whatever you’re using to roll blunts with now being that hemp wraps are nicotine and tobacco-free.

As we mentioned earlier, you’re also controlling burn time when you use a hemp wick to light up. The lower temperature of the flame combined with the slow burn time that comes naturally with hemp wraps means you don’t have to worry about burning through your herb too fast and always get the most out of every toke.

Do I Need to Use a Hemp Wick?

You may already be using a hemp wick to light the flower in your bowl or bong, or the tip of your blunts, but if you aren’t it’s worth making the switch. The twine like wick is coated in beeswax and is believed to be a healthier alternative to lighters or matches because it takes away the element of lighting up with a direct hit of butane.

Hemp wick often comes in bundles of up to 420 feet and can be wrapped around the body of a lighter. Just cut off the amount you need and wrap it around the lighter, starting from the bottom to the top where a bit is left loose and able to be lit by the lighter, giving you a more natural flame to light up with.

The coating of beeswax helps to hold the hemp wick in place, and because the flame is at a lower temperature than a flame coming directly from a hit of gas, it is said to produce a smoother single hit when used for a bong, and a smoother smoke for the entire length of smoking hemp wrapped blunts.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to wrap the hemp wick around a lighter at all. While wrapping a lighter makes things convenient (you can easily carry the wick around in your pocket or bag and you’ll know that if you have it then you also have a source of flame) you can just as easily light hemp wick with matches. It’s all about preference, which is the point of making switches to things like hemp wraps, hemp wicks, & organic blunts to begin with; choosing what’s right for you.

The natural ingredients going hand in hand with the effort you’ve made to use organic hemp wraps is an added bonus.