Guide to Social Distancing Smoke Sessions

Posted by Brian W on Nov 4th 2020

Guide to Social Distancing Smoke Sessions

At first, we all rallied around the idea of social distancing because we wanted to do the right thing. It was kind of fun to stay home from work, collect a little government cash, ditch classes and hang out at home and chill.

Then days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, and it got harder and harder to live this new normal. Side note: This isn't a "new normal" because this is life. Adapt, die or keep smoking until it makes sense.

You don’t give up hope for having a social life! You can still hit the jackpot when it comes to hanging with friends and having a blast.

Just want to read the headlines and think you understand it all? You are so cool. 

For the rest of you, here's what's inside this article:

  • Bring Your Own
  • Introduce Your Friends to New Ways to Smoke
  • Teach a Rolling Class
  • Go Virtual and Host a Smoke Session
  • Keep It Clean
  • Our concluding thoughts

Bring Your Own Stuff

Hosting a smoke session during the pandemic? Get a glass mini bong from Atomic Blaze in Sarasota, FL

Some people throw a get together and tell you to B.Y.O.B. (bring your own beer). That’s kind of lame, but everyone understands about bringing your own!

Open up your living room or game room to a few best buds and invite them over. Let “X” mark the spot so everyone is sitting at least six feet apart and let the burning issues of the day just melt away.

Stream a new movie, play some tunes or just catch up on what’s going on with everyone. You don’t have to be shoulder-to-shoulder to spend time with the people you enjoy.

Heather and I built a couple of smoking bundles that are designed for social-distancing. 

Brian's Favorite: The Atomic Powerhitter Bundle which is for the heavy hitters who want to toss their Powerhitter to their smoking pals.

Heather's Favorite: The Girl's Night In Smoking Bundle which is essentially a smoking party for 5 people.

Talk About New Ways to a Smoke

Learn how to make a gravity bong from Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop Online in Sarasota, FL!

While you’ve got some trusted friends at your place, why not have a reveal party? No worries, no one is pregnant!  This is a smokers gift bundle product reveal.

Plan your socially distanced get together for when your latest stoner box arrives, and let everyone get just a little jelly when they see all the amazing products you get in one box.

If your hippy friends aren’t sure if joining you in your smoking bundle strategy is right for them, let them in on why it’s a No Brainer Idea. Where else can you get a collection of handy and well-made items like glass pipes, RAW cones, bongs, chillums and bubbler bongs all in one place?

Let them know the price is just right and everything is shipped in a discreet box that allows you complete privacy.

Maybe you are a dabbing aficionado and your homies have been trying to figure out what the hell a quartz banger is and why you need a butane torch lighter to heat it up.

I recommend our premium dab rig bundle with torch lighter for maximum jealousy. Flex on your highly knowledgeable friends by taking a fat glob without a cough. Be the smart stoner of the group and help them learn about dabbing.

Teach a Rolling Class

Buy a glass skull bong with free shipping from Atomic Blaze Head Shop online in Sarasota, FL

Some people are born to to do it; others need some help letting the good times roll. Whether your friend has struggled for years to learn how to roll like a pro or they are new to understanding how they can reduce stress from things like working from home, you can be the rolling teacher they need.

Class is in session when you teach the gang How to Roll in 5 Easy Steps.

If they still aren’t sure, let them in on all the easy to use alternatives to rolling papers.

Once your rolling lesson is over, challenge everyone to a roll off! See who can spin one up the fastest and most efficiently. Winner could possibly gete some raw tips from your latest smoking bundle!

Go Virtual and Host a Smoke Session

Browse the entire smoke shop online at Atomic Blaze while hosting your virtual smoke session.

Sometimes you just have to stay home alone but that doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Modern technology can offer a terrific solution and considering we are glued to our phones and screens all day, it's pretty easy to get setup.

Text your smoke buddies and let them know you’re hosting an online smoke sesh and you want them there. Whether it’s a way for everyone to wind down after work on Hump Day or a Saturday night dabbing bundle party, everybody needs time with their friends and their favorite buds to relax and have a laugh.

One hitters can be great for these virtual meetups. If you’re not sure How To Use a One Hitter, we explain it all for you.

Keep It Clean

3 Ways on How to Properly Clean a One-Hitter from Atomic Blaze Smokeshop online is Sarasota, FL

One of the best ways to stay healthy during the pandemic is to make cleanliness a priority. We’ve all been told about a thousand times to wash our hands, but did you know how important it is to keep your smoking accessories and products clean too?

Items like glass pipes, a new colorful bong, chillums and bubblers all function at their best and last longer when you take good care of them. If you’re not sure how to go about that, we can help.

Do you have a one hitter or glass chillum? Here’s How to Keep Those Bad Boys Clean and ready for their next use. If you are completely baffled by bongs, we show you how to use them properly so they stay clean and your money doesn’t go up in smoke.

Our Concluding Thoughts

We are living in extraordinary and unusual times, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait for social distancing to become a thing of the past in order to have fun with our friends. If COVID-19 elated stress (or any other kind) is getting to you, it may be time to ask yourself if you are getting the right dosage of your natural meds.

Read the FAQ's about America's Best Smoke Shops from Atomic Blaze in Sarasota, FL.

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Remember, we can all help each other out and be there for one another whether we’re six feet away or chucking the deuces up to 2020 and always remember to keep your head up.