How are Hemp Wraps Made?

Sep 20th 2021

How are Hemp Wraps Made?

How are Hemp Wraps Made?

Hemp wraps are awesome to roll and smoke with but how are hemp wraps made and what makes them so great?

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Some people prefer to smoke from a glass pipe, others prefer to roll a joint and light up. But what is so great about hemp wraps? Some people prefer the smoother toke that hemp wraps have but without the nicotine in blunt wraps and without the harsh burn of traditional rolling papers.

This is exactly where hemp wraps fit in. In the last few years we’ve seen an increase in hemp production and hemp-based products. Consumers are looking for more natural alternatives to items they are used to buying. Hemp wraps give smokers a choice above and beyond the bleached and processed rolling papers of yesterday and the nicotine-laden blunt wraps of our youth.

What Is a Hemp Wrap?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains what a hemp wrap is

You've heard of them but haven’t tried them yet. So what is hemp wrap? Hemp wraps are like a cross between a blunt wrap and a rolling paper. Hemp wraps are thin pieces of hemp-based paper used to wrap dried tobacco or other plant material into a smokable joint, but made from hemp instead of traditional rolling paper material like rice or flax-based kinds.

How Are Hemp Wraps Made?

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So how are these things made? Hemp Wraps are made like traditional papers by processing plant fibers into a thick mushy paste then dried and pressed into thin sheets of paper. It takes an immense amount of pressure and machines to get the papers that thin but if you want to try your hand at making your own hemp wraps at home, here’s a link.

Why Use Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps come in a few different styles. You can get pre-rolled hemp cones to pack with your favorite product. You can get packs of hemp wraps that have several individual wraps similar to a pack of rolling papers. They come in a ton of different flavors from chocolate and vanilla to fruit flavors.

These many times don’t have the sticky adhesive that normally is found along the edge of a rolling paper to seal your joint. Although some brands do have an adhesive strip made from tree sap!

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Some people do not like that most hemp wraps don’t have the sticky adhesive that seals rolling papers. You can buy them with the adhesive but if not there are ways around that by using a tiny bit of hemp concentrate to seal it, or by using honey or a sugar solution. This issue can be resolved by knowing exactly how to roll with a hemp wrap to get the best smoking experience from your rollie.

How Do You Roll With a Hemp Wrap?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop teaches you how to roll with a hemp wrap

Very similar to a rolling paper, hemp wraps will hold your smokable product in a neat little stick of goodness for you to enjoy at your leisure. If you are not sure how to roll, you will learn very quickly. Here are the steps to roll a joint with a hemp rolling paper:

Step One: Gather your dried hemp flower and use a grinder to grind it up over a rolling tray for evenly broken up pieces.

Step Two: Ready one hemp wrap by making two creases along the middle of the wrap, longways, like in the shape of a small boat.

Step Three: Sprinkle your ground product evenly along the creases. If you are using a filter tip, add that first to one end of the wrap before adding your product.

Step Four: Gently and with two hands, take your middle fingers and thumbs to slowly roll the product back and forth until one edge begins to fold under the other, and the wrap completely surrounds itself.

Step Five: Before rolling the wrap completely, use your saliva, water, CBD concentrate oil, or a diluted sugar solution to seal the edge before making one final twist.

It’s really as easy as that. Once you roll a few hemp wraps it will come naturally but the important part is you keep trying! A nicely rolled hemp wrap is a great reward for your hard work.

Are Hemp Wraps Better Than Blunt Wraps?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop wants you to know if hemp wraps are better than blunt wraps

When choosing what to roll with, know the differences between a hemp wrap and a blunt, and then take your pick. It’s hard to say whether hemp wraps are better than blunts, because it comes down to personal preference.

Hemp wraps for rolling are slightly thicker than a rolling paper and somewhat more durable, yet much thinner than a blunt wrap and easier to manage. They are also nicotine-free and because they’re made of hemp, they do not contain the active ingredient that induces the euphoric effect associated with the federally illegal kind of products.

Where Can You Buy Hemp Wraps?

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You can buy hemp wraps almost anywhere that sells blunt wraps or rolling papers. Since they are still a little bit of a specialty item, they are not often found at the local gas station. You’ll find the best hemp wraps and biggest selection to choose from with Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop. Don’t be afraid to try different ones until you find the brand that works best for you.